• Why You Should Avoid Free Online PDF Converters

    Posted 6 years ago
    19 Apr 2018

    Portable Document Format (PDF) has become one of the most famous electronic formats in the world. Most of the official work is done by using PDF file format. The PDF files can be shared universally while preserving the copyrights as most of these files are read-only. PDF documents can be read easily by using Best PDF Reader of Classic PDF.

    Usually, the computer users require a quick conversion of a Microsoft Word file into PDF format as most files are created initially in Word format. The user may have a lot of files that are required to be converted into PDF format within a small amount of time. There are many converters available online that have the ability of converting the other format files into PDF and vice versa. These converters promise to complete the task within few seconds. But the question is that are these free online PDF converters as good as they look?

    There are many drawbacks of online converters from which the users are usually unaware. So, it is recommended that you should start creating the documents in PDF format instead of Microsoft Word so that the conversion is not required. This article presents the reasons that why you should avoid free online PDF converters. The three basic reasons are provided below that will motivate you to avoid free online converters.

    1. Security

    Security is one of the major reason due to which PDF format is preferred by users. PDF is also used for official documentation and legal work in which security of the files matters a lot. For this purpose, PDF has many security features available such as password protection, digital signature, watermarks etc. But what if the file is at security risk during the conversion process?

    One of the least secure methods for generating PDF files is using online PDF converters. If the document is in Word format and you passed it through an online converter in order to convert the file in PDF format then this means that the file must have passed through a third party before getting a final product. You may not even know that the document is being stored by the third party unless you notice the small print.

    As the biggest security threats for most of the people are hackers that hack the computer or a server but there are many other things to worry about regarding the security of documents. Identity theft and straight up fraud are two different things. In case that you have signed any non-disclosure agreement with a company, they would not allow you to use any free online PDF conversion tools for preserving the privacy of confidential document.

    2. inconvenience

    The online PDF converters can also create inconvenience for the users. The online PDF conversion tools will obviously require an internet connection. This can create a problem as internet connectivity is not available all the time. For example, if a person travels a lot then it would be difficult for him to meet the deadlines as the internet connection is not available all the time during traveling. Moreover, you also have to pay the roaming charges when you are out of the country. So, the better option is to create files in PDF by using any of the best PDF editing software instead of looking up for internet connections.

    3. Quality

    classic pdf quality

    Most of the people prefer online conversion tools because these tools convert the file in just a few seconds. The conversion process may seem very simple and easy by using online PDF converters but once the job is done, the user can modify settings to improve the results. The drawback of online PDF converters is that the user has a little or no control over the procedure through which the conversion is performed. Hence, the end product is not up to the standard which requires a lot of manual editing. There might be cases in which the user needs to scrap the whole document. This can be frustrating and consume a lot of time and energy, therefore, decrease the efficiency and productivity of work.

    However, there are some PDF editors available that can help to modify the document to enhance its quality. One such software program is Classic PDF Editor which helps to balance the quality and file size. By using this program you can polish every aspect of PDF document. It has many amazing features that can help you to fine-tune the document according to requirements.

    What’s the Alternative?

    Most of the people prefer Microsoft Word for creating documents because they are familiar with the program and it’s easy to use. Microsoft office is usually pre-installed in most of the PCs at a workplace, so it has become a habit of workers to open up Microsoft Word for creating the documents. But the documents are not preferred to be shared in Word format as it can be altered easily; hence, the person who receives the document can make alterations to the file’s data whereas for the PDF format files editing requires a lot of effort and special editing software. Moreover, most of the PDF files are read-only which cannot be edited. The user can also add security features to PDF files. Hence, modification in the document can be avoided by using PDF format files as it makes the files more secure and easily shareable.

    Classic PDF Editor provides with the best of both worlds. It is a document editor and word processor that is fully featured. It saves the files to PDF format by default. This software program can also be used to export PDF files to other formats.

    So, this article provides some solid reasons to avoid the free online PDF converters. The user must prefer creating a document directly in PDF format instead of performing conversions. If you have any question related to the article or any other reason for avoiding the online PDF conversion tools, please let us know in the comment section below:

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