• 5 Ways To Achieve A Paperless Office

    Posted 7 years ago
    20 Mar 2017
    Paperless Office

    The dawn of modern technology has brought about a revolution in the way mankind does things. No aspect of human life has been left untouched by its reach. Their is one task though that is still tedious and far-fetched. Its of graduating from a paper based office to a paperless office. Millions of trees are cut down every year to meet the hunger for paper production. So its time we find ways to minimize the use of paper in our routine work. Here are 5 ways how it can be achieved.


    Gone are the days of piling mile after mile of hard copy data files in offices. There are now platforms like Dropbox, One Drive and CloudMe that allow the creation of group folders for different office members. These can be used for speedy dissemination of online  reports. And with all such services providing storage spaces up to 20GB, it will be a long time before you run out of space.


    The process of online billing can now help small time businesses as well as big ones to cut down their expenditure. This method minimizes the amount spent on postage and envelopes. Almost all the banks today offer online payment methods and one can email the receipts instead of printing them. There are also apps like Clover Go, iZettle and PayPal Here that enable the acceptance of payments smart phones.


    It’s about time we started sharing documents within the office without going to the printer. Google’s service of Google Docs enables employees in an office setup to share files with each other while working on it simultaneously. It also has a feature that enables users to chat among themselves while carrying out the work. Not to mention the fact that it continuously saves the document under work. So you don’t have to worry about losing data now. Other services similar to this are Microsoft’s Office 365 and Basecamp. Users can also utilize the PDF format for efficient cross transferring of files through an impeccable PDF Editor.


    It is now possible to drop the idea of handouts during meeting. That is becuase TeamViewer’s office package now allows remote access to office computers 24/7 through any other device. Its features include screen sharing during presentations, transmitting videos, sharing files, teleconferencing and accessing whiteboards. The need for printed hand outs therefore has become redundant. And the best part is that once the presentation is done, all one has to do is upload the file to Dropbox or Basecamp for other colleagues to review later.

    SCAN & FAX:

    There are apps out there now that are enabling office users to ditch the long standing norm of Scanning & faxing documents. Turbo scan is an IOS app that turns your Iphone camera into a scanner and turns the captured image into PDF format for mailing purposes. Another effective yet paid platform for incoming faxes is eFax.com which transfers faxes into the user’s email box with a monthly fee of 15$.

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