• Top 5 Collaboration Tools of 2017

    Posted 6 years ago
    18 Aug 2017
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    It’s 2017 and its the era of paperless offices and Collaboration tools. The modern day office is high on tech based tools and business owners are always trying to find ways to streamline work. The introduction of Collaboration tools into the mix obviously helps improve efficiency in office tasks. With that in mind, we have decided to compile a list of the top 5 office Collaboration tools for the year of 2017. Let’s have a look.


    Slack is one of the fastest growing startups today and it’s probably the best messaging app available for remote teams.  Its powerful integrations, numerous bots, and ecosystem have helped it transform into one of the most flexible communication available on the market. At its basic level, Slack relies on channels. Clients, teams & individuals can create channels to track conversations around teams and projects in order to streamline work. Slack’s search feature furthermore ensures that one never loses any conversation.


    Yammer is a private social network  made for employees to collaborate across departments & locations. This is one collaborative tool that’s entirely focused on business. Therefore, in order to join a business’s Yammer network, any team member must have a working email address from that company’s domain. Relevant & discrete groups can also be created that help reduce the noise in the News Feed and deliver information to required personnel. Posts can also be shared with specific groups by utilizing the drop down menus below the Update box.

    Google Drive:

    Google Drive is the go to online tool for a secure storage of all your files. It offers 15 GB of free storage for photos, documents, and any other digital file. Files are safe, but at the same time easily accessible by you and your team. It helps in organizing items quickly and easily, and sharing them with your team is a hassle free job.


    It might not primarily be a tool meant for Office use but Skype nonetheless is an effective utility when it comes to staying in touch remotely. It allows audio and video calls between multiple devices which gives users a lot more dynamic freedom. Another prominent features it has is the group call where company personnel from all over the world can join in and discuss projects. The arrival of Google Hangouts though has given it some stiff competition.


    The name of the platform gives it away pretty much. GoToMeeting has been designed specifically to meet one requirement. And that is to host a meeting. Meetings can be launched from anywhere, whether that is email, instant messaging tools or project management tools. Another feature which it boasts is the ability to hand over control of your computer and one click recording that makes meeting hosting more productive.

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