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    Posted 3 years ago
    29 Jul 2020
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    Over the period of time, PDF files have become the most successfully used document. PDFs or Portal Document Feeders (PDF) are crucial for most professions and business proceedings. Many professionals choose PDF formats rather than using .txt and .doc files because PDF format comes with a lot of advantages. The essential benefit of using PDF files is that it never lets the document lose its security and formatting.

    Perhaps the most benefit of PDfs is that it is compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox. Google chrome is one of the most popular and easily accessible browsers. It has fast processing, simple design, and highly reliable functions. The user can easily download and install it in no time. Google Chrome comes with multiple extension features. It makes the user’s work faster as it now can rely on a single window rather than switching to different apps.

    Having a PDF extension can act quite beneficial to your work in day to day life. It will help you to work more efficiently. Google Chrome provides you with a versatile of options to add to your extension for viewing, editing, saving PDF files. You no longer have to juggle between different tabs and windows to open a PDF file. Some of the many advantages that come with PDF extension are given below:

    • The user can easily access the PDF file.
    • Functions like “bookmarks” are available.
    • No additional steps are required to edit the document.
    • The document gets easily saved.
    • Extensions also come with features like scanning that helps the user in working faster.

    Provided below is the list of most suitable PDF extensions available for Google Chrome.

    1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Adobe has grown to be a reliable brand. It makes it easier for users to view files that are saved on Adobe’s Portable Document Format. If you decide to add it as an extension on your browser then you can easily enjoy the following options:

    1. Create

    2. Encrypt

    3. Decrypt

    4. Reorder

    5. Crop

    It can be installed easily and free of cost in the user’s Google Chrome extension. It just has to follow simple steps. The user can edit, view, and make changes in its PDF file directly in Google Chrome without lingering on different options. Adobe, as a brand name, has always made people expect more from it. With this extension, the user can expect all those fancy features that will allow it to make quick changes. Below listed are some core features of the extension.

    • It comes with a mobile app feature, and the user can easily edit, convert, or sign the PDF file in no time.
    • It has a speech feature named “Read out loud,” which makes it easier for people who want to hear the written text instead of reading it.
    • The comment feature makes it helpful for users to collect multiple reviews.
    • The user can use the OCR scan function to detect the text and edit it.
    • With Adobe Document Cloud, the user can have access to its file from anywhere and any device.

    These features are beneficial for professional workers as well as people using it for day to day work. Adobe, as a big name in the industry, never fails to impress its users.

    2. Kami – PDF And Markup Of Documents

    Kami is a famous extension that users can find not only in Google Chrome but also in Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. People have now widely accepted their uses and reliability. It comes with options for assessing it in its free version and as well as premium.

    Basic features of Kami as an extension are:

    • Highlight
    • Strikethrough
    • Underline
    • Add comments
    • Add or select text
    • Draw and erase
    • Split or merge
    • Share, export, or print.

    In addition, there are many advanced features available that the user can have access to after updating the extension to premium. Kami is a perfect platform to enjoy your PDF experience personally as well as professionally.

    3. Docs Online Viewer

    PDF Viewer

    The users who have a heavy workload, and don’t have time to preview their PDF files, can use this extension. This supports PowerPoint presentations, as well. It is available free of cost at the Chrome Store. The users no longer have to worry about the attacks of viruses present in files. There is no requirement for downloading the file. It can simply be previewed using this extension.

    4. Classic PDF Editor

    If you need an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader, then Classic PDF is an easy choice. Classic PDF is an award-winning software that offers a full set of basic and advances features at an unbeatable price. Whether you are a company that works with hundreds of electronic documents in a day or an individual professional who wants to use a PDF file without fuss, Classic PDF delivers.

    Its most notable features include:

    • PDF creator
    • PDF editor
    • PDF converter
    • Allows you to combine multiple PDF files in one
    • Allows you to magnify text up to 6400% without distortion in the quality
    • Allows you to convert more than 500 document formats to PDF

    You only need three minutes to download the system file and run it on your system. Once downloaded, you can start using it immediately without having to restart your computer.

    5. PDF Buddy

    If you are looking for a free option for downloading, viewing and editing your PDF files online, then PDF Buddy can be of great help. It provides the user with options that are parallel to Microsoft Word. This makes it very easy to use this extension.

    It comes with all basic changes like choosing the font style, editing the size, making the font bold and italics, align the paragraphs, and selecting color for the user’s font. These options are easily available on this PDF extension. Adding more to features, PDF Buddy allows you to highlight, add images and signatures, to add shapes, etc.

    This is a perfect choice for all small business houses, professionals, as well as individuals. You can download a PDF buddy from Google Chrome Store, and all you need to do is sign up for your free access to enjoy all these features.

    6. Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor

    Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor can work both as an extension and an app, as per your requirement. It is one of the most reliable sources for PDF editing available on the Chrome Store. It is free of cost. The user can easily view, annotate, and edit the PDF file. The process starts with dragging or dropping the desired file in the Viewer. After this, the user has easy access to all fancy features provided by the Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor. Features that this PDF extension provides includes,

    • Highlight
    • Strikethrough
    • Underline
    • Adding comments
    • Collaborating
    • Adding text
    • Adding Shape, or a callout
    • Adding a signature
    • print, or save, merge, and organize pages.

    Xodo PDF Viewer is a reliable and effective choice for people dealing with PDF files in their daily life.

    7. PDFescape Free PDF Editor

    Many free PDF Editors are available on Google Chrome that provide you with basic as well as advanced features for your PDF files. PDFescape is one of them, and it is one of the most reliable editors that the users can have in their Chrome Extension. There is no need to have additional software to make this editor work. Simply open your file, and you can have access to all features provided by PDFescape for PDF editing.

    8. Merge PDF – Split PDF

    Merging and splitting PDFs is one of the most crucial features that is required while dealing with PDF files. Having an extension that can simply help you in merging and splitting your PDF file within a fraction of seconds can act quite beneficial for your work.

    Apart from providing some exclusive features that most PDF extensions don’t have like merging and splitting, Merge PDF – Split PDF can also provide the users with options like bookmarks, pages, and a table of contents, as demanded by the user.

    9. PDF Converter

    When you are working with documents, you often need a converter to change files from Word to PDF and vice versa. With an extension like PDF converter, the user can easily do so.  Simply drag the document into the box, enter the URL for it, upload it from a local drive, or grab it from Google Drive. After finishing the conversion, the user can choose to send files directly through email or simply download it. Converted files can be directly sent to Xodo for further editing. PDF Converter is a perfect choice for all types of work-related to the conversion of documents into PDF files.

    10. PDF Compressor – Smallpdf.com

    PDF Editor

    After editing and converting PDF documents, the next tool that is very helpful is compressing the PDF. The users might need to compress the PDF before sending it for a number of reasons, including large file size, multiple attachments, and so on.

    You add, export, or drag your PDF file in this extension. After adding the file, you can choose to compress it. This tool is quite effective as you can compare your original file and the resulting file immediately.

    Apart from compressing the file, the PDF Compressor comes with options like converting, merging, splitting, and protecting a file. The user can also choose to direct the compressed file to Xodo for further editing. This PDF extension works best for Google Chrome. It has features that are easily accessible and free of cost.

    11. PDF Viewer

    PDF viewer helps the user in viewing the file without downloading it. With this feature, the user can be saved from downloading malicious files. After reading the file, if the user decides to download it, it can be done from the download option available. PDF viewers can be installed free of cost from the Google Chrome store.

    Final Thoughts

    PDF files have become quite popular in recent times. Having a good PDF extension can help a person get their work done more efficiently. Not only do these extensions make sure that the work is done correctly, but it also saves time.

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