• ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteStartOur company needs to publish newsletters, manuals, technical papers and knowledgebase tutorials in bulk on DVDs and on the internet. A few years back, we used to maintain these documents in html, doc or other non-standard formats that were highly insecure and non-portable. Soon we realized the need to encapsulate our documentation into a universal format, which meant moving to the PDF format.

    We conducted a detailed analysis of all the available full-featured PDF suites and finally found the Classic PDF editor, a complete solution to all our needs. This software provides powerful PDF creating, converting, editing & viewing functions at an affordable price of only $ 24.95. We have been using this amazing PDF software for years now and this software has transformed the way we do businessClassicPDFeditor-QuoteEnd

    Ross AlbertNew York, USA

  • ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteStartIt really does what it claims to do…without fuss or muss! This is an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat and seems to integrate well with that program when sharing comments and editing, etc.ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteEnd

    Elliot SuttonSan Francisco, USA

  • ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteStartI am a research fellow at the University of San Diego. I need to compose research papers frequently. During the preparation of my documents online, I often have to come across the PDF files containing valuable information that needs conversion to Word for editing and reviewing purposes. So I started looking for a full featured PDF software that was capable of both converting and editing documents. After an extensive search, I came across the Classic PDF editor (a single and affordable program) which provided the ultimate solution to all my documentation problems. I have never composed my documents with such ease before. Hats off to the engineers!ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteEnd

    Ashley ClarkSan Diego, USA

  • ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteStartI’m highly impressed by Classic PDF editor’s functionality and affordable price, which made me feel obligated to share my experience. I am an HR Manager and document management is one of my major job functions. My duties require regular maintenance of legal, contractual documents and various types of benefit, appraisal and expense claim forms. All these documents are required to be maintained in PDF format and until recently, our only option was the time consuming process of composition in Word and then conversion to PDF, which often did not yield the desired results. Now, thanks to the Classic PDF editor, my document maintenance tasks are smoother and more streamlined than ever for an amazing price of only $24.95. This software has almost the same features offered by Adobe or Nitro. The highly specialized Zoom-In magnification is much more impressive and it creates, converts, edits and annotates your documents perfectly with speed, ease and quality.ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteEnd

    Jeff WilliamsWest Virginia, USA

  • ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteStartThis program is an excellent substitute to Adobe or Nitro. It works amazingly brilliant in only $24.95 and has almost the same features offered by Adobe or Nitro. The highly specialized Zoom-In magnification is much more impressive. It creates, converts, edits and annotates your documents perfectly with speed, ease and wonderful results . Must try it!ClassicPDFeditor-QuoteEnd

    Mishall HerefordIllinois, USA

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