• Synergy of Virtual Reality & PDF

    Posted 6 years ago
    30 May 2017
    Virtual Reality

    The dawn of the 21st century has brought with it many new technologies and trends. Ever since the advent of this decade however, that pace has intensified. In this time, we have seen many new startups pop up with ingenious ideas. One of these that became talk of the town was Oculus’s Virtual Reality headsets and its subsequent purchase by Mark Zuckerberg. We’ve already done a post about its scope and future on our parent website. So here, we’ll discuss the synergy of Virtual Reality with PDF text viewing and how it can impact the future of both these fields.

    Viewing Text Through V.R Headsets:

    This latest adventure in the field of PDF & V.R which was initiated by some creative minds up at Adobe is certainly first of its kind. It incorporates the V.R headset’s ability to view certain text patterns in its surreal virtual world. And in this case, that text would be in a PDF file. Only this time, the file would be viewed in 3 dimensions. It would thus give the reader a realistic experience, as if they were reading an actual book.

    The idea apparently was brought up by one of the interns working at Adobe on their PhD program. Adobe’s intern programs also encompass novel ideas that can relate to the innovative, creative and can help businesses expand.

    Future Impact:

    This technology’s price is also expected to fall in coming years due to its purchase by Facebook’s C.E.O. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Virtual Reality headsets replacing standard mobile phones and tablets for viewing PDF files. Its impact could certainly be felt in key areas such as academics and medicine; as personnel in these fields have to read through a lot of text documents. The dawn of V.R could enable them to go through such documents with ease and comfort.

    While there might be some time before this trend catches up, it is certainly a promising and profitable one. In a decade’s time, we might as well be sitting on a train and reading our favorite novel while having a V.R headset on. The future of PDF can potentially be a virtual one.

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