• Pros & Cons of Using Online PDF Editors

    Posted 6 years ago
    04 Aug 2017
    Online PDF Editors

    In every field of business these days, the competition is through the roof. Everyday, contemporaries are popping up here and there while coming up with ever improving offers. Same is the case in the world of PDFs. With free online tools coming out for reading, editing & converting PDF files, the competition is surely steep. Online PDF Editors however, while carrying many perks has its downsides too. Here in this article, we’re going to take a look at both.

    Cheaper Rates:

    Normally, quality PDF softwares that can meet the need for editing & converting fall somewhere between 150$ to 300$. Even our own Classic PDF Editor, which is a bargain deal when compared to other softwares comes in at 25$. So everyone who’s looking for a free one time convert & edit isn’t really interested in paying for it. Not to mention that even the paid ones fall somewhere between $5 – $20. That is where online PDF Editors come in handy. Through a quick upload of the file under question, it can be converted to any format the user wishes. And the editing from there on is simple & straightforward.

    Growth of Online Tools:

    If we go back only a few years, we’ll see that there were hardly any web-based PDF solutions. The ones that did exist hardly worked and were full of tricky mechanisms. Thankfully though, there has been a huge growth in this domain in the recent years with quality online tools popping up everywhere. Such online PDF Editors, whether paid or free have evolved for the better (specially in the domain of PDF to Word conversions)

    Online Tools Save Time:

    It doesn’t matter how small the installation file is on a PDF software or how quickly it will download & install; the fact that an online PDF tool takes mere seconds to get the job done is what gives it the edge. Users who are using for simple one time editing or conversions won’t bother installing an entire software for it. All they want is to get the task done within a few minutes and get on with it. And that’s exactly the kind of service online PDF Editors can provide. Quick, efficient editing, reading & conversions.

    Online Availability:

    Unlike desktop softwares, an online PDF Editor that is either free or paid gives users access to files (hosted in the cloud) and an editing tool at all times. All that’s needed is an internet connection and the job is as good as done.

    Despite the rise of online PDF tools though, the current web-based solutions still can’t cater to everyone’s needs. There are many domains in the world of PDF softwares where the desktop tools still have the advantage. Some of the shortcomings of online PDF Editors have been listed below:

    Lack of Direct Text Editing:

    The most important issue facing online editors today and the one that is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon is the lack of direct text editing options. Direct editing of any text in a PDF file requires significant computing power, and this isn’t possible yet (at least in the browsers of today). And while the future might hold better browsers for us in this term, for now it’s going to stay that way.

    Difficulties in Creating Media Rich PDF Files:

    For creating media rich PDFs (filled with images, videos or forms), online PDF editors simply aren’t good enough. Online tools although being good at simpler tasks like Word to PDF conversion lack the depth when it comes to carrying out heavier work. Such scenarios leave users with their hands tied and they have to switch to a desktop PDF software as a last resort.

    Lack Of Security & Confidentiality:

    The domain of online PDF Editors is yet to come up with a tool that uses International data privacy standards for documents uploading. This is a huge drawback in online tools and one that forces large enterprises to stick with desktop softwares for security reasons. onto their service. This is however a minor issue to solve and online tools can surely catch up in due time.

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