How Does PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Work

Complete Step By Step Tutorial

Saving a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF allows you to freeze the formatting and layout. Which makes it easier for people to view the slides even if they don’t have PowerPoint, but they can’t make any changes to the original PPT file.

Working with PDFs allow you to modify, share, collaborate and ensure the security of the content being exchanged digitally. While PDFs can do all that and more, here’s a list of top seven reasons why you should consider converting PowerPoint to PDF:


PDFs are Universal

Formatting presentations in PowerPoint can be easy and useful, but when it comes to collaborating with multiple teams PDFs can be a big time saver. You can easily share PDF files across teams and with people located across countries without having to worry about its accessibility issues.


Safe and secure

When sharing information online, data security is an utmost priority for everyone. And PDFs are just perfect for that. Using a reliable PowerPoint to PDF Converter you can password protect your files and store, share and retrieve information without a fret. In fact, you can also add different layers of security to your PDF files by making tweaks to enable or disable certain editing features and authorizing access.


Easy and quick to create

Whether you are working with Excel, Word or PowerPoint, converting documents into PDF is super easy and fast with tool e.g. Classic PDF Editor.


Compresses the file size without affecting quality

You can convert more than 500 types of printable file formats into PDF files without compromising the quality. Also, using reliable PDF software offers you complete flexibility in terms of customizing specific PDF features to suit your business needs. Which means you can have complete control over how the software works.


SSL Encryption

When using online PDF converters, you don’t have to worry about losing your data. All good PDF converter websites are SSL encrypted, which means your details stay completed locked up while you upload the PPT files and convert them into PDFs.


Complete searchable

You do know how pages on Wikipedia have that table of contents at the beginning of each page, and when you click on a specific topic, it takes you directly to it? PDFs can do that too. They are not just easily searchable but even offer secondary navigation when you consider the extreme classification of topics/contents.


Team collaboration

Using a reliable PDF editor, you can either create PDF files from scratch and/or morph multiple file formats [e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint] into one. PDF files offer you complete ease in editing, formatting, inserting, moving and resizing text and images as per the team’s feedback and requirements.


How to convert PPT to PDF using PDF Converters?

There are various free and paid versions of PDF converters available today. Each of these come equipped with features that allow you to customize the appearance of individuals PDF files, edit and protect a document, convert files in bulk and much more. All these PDF converters are broadly categorized into three groups:


PDF Printers

Many PDF converters operate as virtual printers, which means you can access them by selecting the print command either within the PowerPoint or in other applications. These tools allow you to alter the page size, orientation, quality and tweak other settings before actually converting the PPT file to PDF.


Online Converters

Are a perfect solution for Linux and Mac users, as they are platform-independent. But these tools offer limited features as compared to their desktop versions. Also, you might want to make sure that you have removed the file from the website once you have uploaded and converted it into a PDF.


Desktop Converters

Mostly available in paid versions, these tools either work independently or as PowerPoint add-ins. All of them are equipped with advanced features that allow users complete freedom in customizing the layout of PDFs, and modify other settings. You can download one of the best PPT to PDF converters -Classic PDF Editor that offers the most powerful set of features to work with.


Converting PowerPoint to PDF using Classic’s PPT to PDF Converter


Classic’s PPT to PDF converter works magic in just seven simple steps:


Step 1:

The first step is to download Classic PDF Editor and save the setup file to your desktop.

How Does PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Work

Step 2:

Now double click on the Classic PDF Editor Setup file you just downloaded and follow onscreen instructions for installation of the software.

Step 3:

Once the installation is complete, double click on the Classic PDF icon on your desktop to launch the application.

How Does PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Work Step 3

Step 4:

Click on the Convert tab and head over to the Import section.

How Does PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Work Step 4

Step 5:

Select the “PPT to PDF” converter button and locate your MS PowerPoint presentation file.

How Does PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Work Step 5

Step 6:

Once the file has been located, click on Open button. Classic PDF Converter will start converting the selected PowerPoint file to PDF format. The converted file can be viewed in Classic PDF Editor.

How Does PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Work Step 6

Step 7:

Click on the “Save As” button to save the new PDF file in your desired location.

How Does PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Work Step 7


When PDF isn’t the best idea


While PDF file formats are ideal for making presentations ready for sharing, printing, and distribution, there are a few limitations to consider:


  • If you have used animations and multimedia I.e. audios, videos and flash movies in your presentation, converting it to a PDF file will not convert all that. However, as an alternative to audio and videos is to include their scripts or narrations as part of the presentation.


  • PDF diminishes the editing power. Which means people can view the presentation slides but can’t make any changes to them. This can prove to be both an advantage or a disadvantage.


What’s your reason for using PDFs? Leave us your feedback in the comments below. We would love to know what makes PDF files more important to you when it comes to sharing data.

To learn more about how Classic’s PPT to PDF Converter works, watch this tutorial that will help you get things rolling.

How Does PowerPoint to PDF Converter Work