Classic PDF editor is the Best PDF Reader & PDF Viewer

Are you looking for a PDF reader and PDF viewer that is able to capture your imagination and render your reading experience memorable? Classic PDF editor is certainly the most innovative and user-friendly PDF reader and PDF viewer in this regard. IT is far ahead of its competitors in terms of the richness of its features. The groundbreaking text magnification feature furthermore is able to zoom into the text up to 6400%. Its reader meanwhile boasts a non-cluttered interface that keeps the audience engaged.

Its highly dynamic toolbars can furthermore be customized for speedy reviewing and frequently used functions. Such functions can include new, open, save and print which can be accessed in no time by using the quick access toolbar. You can also use the navigation toolbar to jump directly to the desired page number by simply entering the page number in the navigation bar. Page magnification can also be conveniently changed by using the Select & Zoom toolbar.

Classic PDF editor is the Best PDF Reader & PDF Viewer

Best PDF Reader and PDF Viewer Exclusive Features

  • Enhanced zoom magnification and viewing
  • Review and annotate PDF files and add attachments

Enhanced Zoom Magnification and Viewing

With Classic PDF Editor, you are guaranteed a cherished eBook reading experience. The Best PDF Reader and PDF Viewer in town allows you to trigger zoom magnification up to 6400% without adversely affecting the quality and visibility of the document under study. Moreover, navigation remains smooth while the dynamic toolbars further add to the reader’s viewing sojourn.

Review and Annotate PDF Files and Add Attachments

Annotations are like sticky comments that can be added to a PDF document as notes or review points. PDF annotations are a great way to add some insight into a document. That’s because these notes stand out without obscuring any text or hampering reading ability. Sticky notes are also the quickest and easiest comments to add to a PDF file and work well because they really stand out. With classic PDF editor, you cannot only insert annotations into your documents, you can also easily insert date, time, page numbers, headers, footers, custom text, graphic elements, logos and much more. With a few simple clicks, you can also add attachments to your PDF documents and add more life to them.

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