• How to Use PDFs in Your Referral Program

    Posted 3 years ago
    01 Jul 2020

    PDFs play a significant role in transferring information online. While most information can be displayed on a website or blog, you will still need to produce PDFs if you want to create portable details for your website visitors. What do I mean by ‘portable’? Well, unlike web pages, PDFs can be downloaded and read anywhere. This means that their internet connectivity does not limit your audience. As long as they have a device that has a PDF reader, they can read the information within the file. This is what makes PDFs special; it helps your audience consume information no matter where they are. As long as they have the file downloaded into their system, they will have access to the data anytime. 

    You can also use PDFs in your referral program. Here are five ways on how you can use PDFs in your referral program. 

    1 – Introduce Your Referral Process through a PDF


    Did you know that you can use PDFs to introduce your referral program? The best part is that you are not limited to text. You can also use it to create visual representations of your processes. By doing it this way, your operation will be easier to understand. In this section, you’ll learn how to create a PDF document for your Referral Process.  

    What is a Referral Program?

    First, you must understand what a referral program is. If you have not yet implemented one on your website, now is the time to do so. You see, it is one of the easiest ways to get new customers on your website. You just need to implement it, and it will act as a customer magnet that gets more people on your website. You just need to incentivize to help you attract the right people into your program. 

    How a PDF can Help You in your Referral Process

    Business owners often use words to describe their processes; business as well as referral procedures. They usually do this in two ways; they either deliver the information through word of mouth, or they create a document for it. Although word of mouth is excellent for getting the customer to your doorstep, it does it provide sufficient detail. Not only are verbal instructions ineffective in getting the message across, but they can also be quite challenging to remember. Fortunately, you can use a PDF to represent your information. You may use words as well as visuals to get your point across. This way, it can quickly be processed and retained. 

    Creating your Referral PDF

    Creating your PDF is easy once you have your process written down. You just need a PDF conversion software, and you are ready to go. Just be sure that you also have your referral software to create your program. This can be a Shopify affiliate app, but it should be able to do the job. 

    2 – Welcome Referrals with an Onboarding Guide


    Another way to use PDFs in your referral system is to have an onboarding guide. Explain how affiliates can transact with you and your business. Here, you have the option to include visuals. You can also include other details, such as your pricing and contact information in this document. 

    NOTE: An onboarding guide is a document that introduces the process. It should not be the contract or invoice. While it can contain samples of these files, these should still be kept in a separate document. 

    What is an Onboarding Guide?

    An onboarding guide is a file that you give to your clients when they choose to buy from you. You can add it to their purchase. For services, this can be a guide on how the client can give you their information so you can start the service. In any case, it is a document that formalizes the relationship that you have with your client. But you can also use it in your referral program. You can create an onboarding guide exclusively for your referrals. You can tell them what will happen now that they have signed up on your website. It is all about being specific about what they will get from you and what they will experience during the program. 

    What You Should Include in an Onboarding Guide

    An onboarding guide should contain your transaction process. This should include how referrers can interact with you in case they have questions and how you can start delivering their items or service. That’s for a typical onboarding guide. For a referral onboarding guide, you’ll want to welcome them to your group. For some brands, they even have a name for their audience. This allows them to feel like they belong to the community. From here, the audience is then introduced to different community platforms. This can be a Facebook or LinkedIn group or a Messenger chat group. You should include this in your referral onboarding guide. 

    Creating Your Onboarding Guide

    You need to specify what you want to include in your onboarding guide before you create it. While PDF software can help you, you still need to have the content on hand. You can visit websites such as Etsy and Pinterest if you want to look for inspiration. 

    3 – Create a Client Offboarding PDF


    If there is an onboarding guide, you will also need an offboarding guide; this is not only where you close transactions but also a document where you introduce the next steps that your client can take to continue working with your future. 

    PRO TIP: PRO TIP: If you are wondering where the best place to promote your referral program is, this would be it. You see, it is better to ask customers who know and like you to advertise to other people. There is no better timing than to ask them to assist you in an offboarding guide. 

    NOTE: If there is a separate referral onboarding guide, you will not need that in offboarding. This is because offboarding is only done to clients or customers who have successfully transacted with your website. This is an excellent chance to promote your referral program, so I included it here. 

    What is an Offboarding Guide?

    You need a client offboarding guide because you’ll like to keep in touch with your customers after their purchase. Your relationship should not end just because they have bought from you. You should continue talking to them and assisting them, and you can only do that with an offboarding guide. 

    What Should You Include in your Offboarding Guide?

    Your offboarding guide should contain words of gratitude, links to your outputs or products, and referral promotions. You can tell them that they can get discounts or other bonuses from just promoting your brand. Another way to use this is to give a discount coupon that expires in days. This will encourage them to make another purchase before its expiry.

    How to Create Your Offboarding Guide?

    Creating an offboarding guide is easy once you know the information that you will put in it. It may be best to put all the necessary information in a Word File before you convert it into a PDF file.

    4 – Introduce Rewards and Prizes with a PDF

    You can also use PDFs in affiliate or referral contests. These are quite effective because it adds another set of prizes on top of the initial rewards from a typical referral program. Sometimes, you need to add another award to get a referral on board. You can motivate them to get more referrals with a contest. This is because you only reward referrers who managed to get the most referrals. Using a PDF will help you communicate what your competition is all about. This is effective in encouraging your prospects to join your program because they see the entire process and prizes in one convenient PDF. 

    Why Contests Work

    Contests work because they add the anticipation of getting a reward. There is also the competitive element of winning a coveted prize. It is human psychology that we are motivated by rewards. When a person receives something that other people cannot, they experience a boost of serotonin. This makes them feel good. You can also do the same to your audience if you implement a contest on your website.

    Types of Contest Prizes

    You must choose your prizes wisely. After all, the success of your contest will depend on how attractive your rewards are. If your bonuses are not that attractive, to begin with, you may not get the response that you hope to get from your contest. There are different types of prizes that you can give away. You can give away discount codes, freebies, and cash. You must choose a reward based on audience feedback. You should also make sure that the prizes are worth the hard work. If it is too cheap, your audience will not be motivated to get more referrals for your business. 

    How to Create a Rewards PDF

    It is also vital to showcase your prizes in the right way. This means that you should put all of them in a PDF. It will act as a brochure promoting all the awards that they can win from joining your contest. It should also contain the mechanics of your competition. This way, you don’t have to explain yourself to your audience each time. You can just send them the PDF. 

    Create a Media Kit for Influencers

    You can also use PDFs in creating media kits for influencers. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. It allows you to tap people who have tons of followers to promote your business. Not only is this effective, but it is also easy to do. With a media kit, you can easily show influencers who you are and what you can do before asking them to promote you. 

    What is a Media Kit

    A media kit is a file that you send to people who want to promote your business. It is called a media kit because it is traditionally distributed to media agencies who want to cover a particular company. But now, you can also use this to encourage influencers to promote you. 

    Why You Should Promote Your Brand to Influencers

    Influencer marketing is powerful. It can help you get more leads, and it can help you stop shopping cart abandonment. Why does it work? Well, influencer marketing works with social proof. It gives its audience a reason to buy certain products and services. 

    How to Create a Media Kit?

    You can easily create a media kit by specifying the prices of your products and services and delivering your core message. It should not only include your brand and products, but it should also include what your brand stands for. This means that you should communicate who your brand is helping and what it can do to change your customer’s lives. 

    Everyone can benefit from PDFs


    As you can see, PDFs are not limited to ebooks or online forms. You can also use them creatively in your referral program. It is all a matter of knowing how to use it. Your products or services are not an excuse. Even a website like Best Drums Set Labs that sells the best practice drum kits has used this with success. This means that new eCommerce websites can use it too.

    You can observe that PDFs are used to introduce processes or visually represent ideas. This goes to show that you should not create a PDF that only has a big block of text. You should aim to visually represent your ideas through graphs, diagrams, and infographics. 

    If you want to use this strategy to your benefit, you need to know the right PDF software to use. Classic PDF offers you a platform where you can easily create and edit PDFs. This will help you utilize this file format more in your referral program and business. 

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