How Do I Edit PDF Files?

Complete Step By Step Tutorial

Want to make edits to a PDF file but can’t find the original? Whether you are in office or on the go, Classic PDF Editor has got your back. Equipped with the most powerful set of tools –Classic’s PDF Editor allows you to add text, alter formatting and add or remove images without leaving the PDF document. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 and you have to try it to believe it.


Using this software, you can either create PDFs from scratch or morph multiple documents into one.


How to edit a PDF file using Classic PDF Editor?

Step 1:

The first step is to download ClassicPDF desktop application and save the .exe file on your desktop.

How Do I Edit Files?

Step 2:

Now double click on .exe file and let the setup process finish. This will install the ClassicPDF on your computer.

Step 3:

After ClassicPDF setup is complete, double click on ClassicPDF shortcut icon on your desktop.

How Do I Edit Files Step 3
Step 4:

Click on “Open” and select the PDF file you desire to edit in the resulting dialog box. Please take reference from the screenshot below.

How Do I Edit Files Step 4
Step 5:

Now you will see that your selected PDF file in the ClassicPDF editor work space.

How Do I Edit Files Step 5
Step 6:

After this, scroll down to the text you desire to edit, click on the Edit tab, select the “Options” tab and select “Edit” option.

Step 7:

Now in the PDF File Work Area, double click the line of text you wish to edit or replace with your own text.

How Do I Edit Files Step 7
Step 8:

The editable line will be highlighted with red color. Now you can replace, edit and/or format the text as desired. Lines and paragraph will reflow automatically. You can also resize the elements by clicking and dragging them.

How Do I Edit Files Step 9


Make your choice, online or desktop?

Classic PDF Editor is available in two versions. You can either choose to edit PDF files online or install the paid version of this software to get things working for you and/or your team.


Classic PDF Editor Online Classic PDF Editor for Window
Compatible with all major browsers. Works with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 or 10.
Access anytime, anywhere. Always FREE! Available for $24.95 only.


Besides offering all features of the online version, Classic’s paid version offers you only the pro tools to merge, convert and edit PDF files.

With its user-friendly interface and one-click functionality, Classic PDF Editor for desktop is equipped with advanced tools and features which include;


  • Edit text and images,
  • Print to PDF,
  • Password protect PDF files,
  • Convert PDF to Word and other formats,
  • Share documents online,
  • Watermark and add page numbers,
  • View PDF files,
  • FREE tutorials on how to edit a PDF,
  • Compress PDF file sizes, and much more.


But why only Classic PDF Editor you ask?

Available in just $24.95, Classic PDF editor is a smart alternative to all its high-end competitors. You can create industry-standard PDFs, convert 500+ printable file formats into PDF files and make professional edits all with its desktop version. While our PDF Editor can do all this and more, here’s a list of top seven reasons that make it everyone’s favorite:


  • User-friendly and easy to use

Classic PDF Editor makes it easier for you to change text and images without having to leave the PDF document. In just a matter of few clicks, you can add new text, fix a typo, add and rearrange pages and/or crop or replace graphics.


  • Access from anywhere, whenever you want

Whether in office or on the go, you can access PDF files by just having access to your laptop. With Classic’s desktop version you can easily add and edit text, reorder and number pages and process flawless PDFs wherever you are.


  • Free tutorials

If you have any trouble figuring out how to edit a PDF file, add or edit text and graphics, insert annotations or merge multiple file format into a single PDF document, you can find help available in form of free video tutorials.


  • Complete security and control

When sharing information online, data security is of utmost priority for everyone. And PDFs are just perfect for that. Our PDF Editor allows you to password protect your files and store, share and retrieve information without a fret. You can also add different layers of security to your PDF files by making tweaks to enable or disable certain editing features and authorizing access.


  • Powerful editing tools

Classic PDF Editor makes it easier to edit text and existing graphics in your PDF document. Using the appropriate tools, you can change color, font, add highlight and underline text with ease. You can also play around with the annotation tools and add notes to your PDF file.


  • SSL Encryption:

When using online PDF converters, you don’t have to worry about losing your data. Our website is SSL encrypted, which means your details stay completed locked up while you upload your files and convert them into PDFs.


  • High-quality results guaranteed

You can convert more than 500 types of printable file formats into PDF files or edit PDF files without compromising the quality. Classic PDF Editor offers you complete flexibility in terms of customizing specific PDF features to suit your business needs.


What are our clients saying?

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about our award-winning software:


“We conducted a detailed analysis of all the available full-featured PDF suites and finally found the Classic PDF editor, a complete solution to all our needs. This software provides powerful PDF creating, converting, editing & viewing functions at an affordable price of only $ 24.95. We have been using this amazing PDF software for years now and this software has transformed the way we do business.” -Ross Albert, New York, USA.


“This software has almost the same features offered by Adobe or Nitro. The highly specialized Zoom-In magnification is much more impressive and it creates, converts, edits and annotates your documents perfectly with speed, ease, and quality.” -Jeff Williams, West Virginia, USA.


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How do I edit PDF Files: Step by Step Guide