• How to Attract & Retain Young Talent in the Age of Social Media

    Posted 4 years ago
    27 Aug 2019
    How to Attract & Retain Young Talent in the Age of Social Media

    In the age of social media, young people no longer rely on traditional methods to hunt for jobs. Research has found out that 62% of the millennials go to social media to find attractive working opportunities. Because of this, many companies are targeting social platforms to increase the chances of finding the right talent. However, finding and retaining educated youth can be a challenge if your organization fails to provide a likable environment.

    Most organizations are paying massive salaries to retain the youth. But the thing is, the young do not care about the money; a good experience is what they want. So, if you want to attract and retain the youth, you must be ready to tackle certain recruitment challenges through various trends and initiatives!  

    1. Cultivate a Healthy Company Culture

    To become a star organization that attracts youth, your company must be ready to introduce initiatives that empower and encourage employees to undertake unique projects. This can be achieved by introducing stock-option plans or by providing various development and training opportunities.

    Forming a healthy company culture goes beyond providing the youth with development opportunities. This is because the youth no longer feels comfortable in a restricted office setting. They want a relaxed environment where they can let their creativity run wild. Since providing a comfortable environment is crucial for minimizing the turnover rate, organizations must build comfortable and creative workspaces. Just like how Facebook and Google have done with their main offices throughout the globe!

    Apart from providing remote working options, organizations must also look into adopting a culture where the employees bring their own devices and work from them!

    • Offer Digital Opportunities to Learn and Grow

    Organizations need to focus on digital transformations as it brings improvements in decision-making, innovations, and talent engagement. Since the young talent wants to be a part of digitally-aware organizations, such companies should focus on their strategy, leadership, and culture that overlaps with certain digital strategies. These could be in the form of opportunities that enable the employees to develop new digital skills and demonstrate them in real-life work situations.

    According to a Deloitte survey, employers who did not offer development opportunities were prone to having their employees leave the company for a more digitally aware company. This is because people like to work for organizations that recognize the influence and impact of the digital environment. As the digital influence is growing bigger, individuals value an organization that not only has a strong digital strategy but the one that also allows employees to play a role in the digital transformation.

    Such organizations are more successful in attracting and retaining young talents!

    • Construct a Socially Responsible Narrative

    All thanks to social media, more and more young individuals are becoming socially aware. On top of this, the social culture of ‘canceling someone’ also compels individuals to seek out companies that represent or stand for values accepted by society. Because of this, they want to associate themselves with an organization that has its reputation intact and a cleaner public profile.

    Nowadays, young talent scours the market to find companies that are competitive, responsible and are sustainable. Since this is what individuals want, many companies are adopting policies that make them eco-friendly and environmentally aware. This mindset stands in stark contrast with the former mentality that was focused on corporate greed. Constructing a socially aware narrative has been pushed by the individuals who want to feel proud of who they represent. So, companies must start offering creative incentives which align with the values of the modern world.

    A great way of proving that your organization deeply cares about the issues of the society is by registering your company with any charity or volunteering program. Furthermore, you can reserve a specific day where your employees can work for charities while still receive full pay for that day. Through this way, you can set your organization apart by creating a social image that cares about important societal causes.

    • Stay on Top of New Industry Trends

    Due to excessive technology, the digital trends are changing rapidly so much so that organizations are required to polish their existing skills daily to stay ahead of the changes. By keeping up with the latest digital developments, the industry professionals can benefit from new opportunities to drive revenue.

    Creating opportunities and conducting training workshops will ensure that your organization stays updated with the latest developments and trends in a specific niche. With the help of such workshops, you can instill an image in the young talent that your organization is serious about providing learning opportunities which could equip them with the skills needed to deal with the trends.

    Currently, 49% of the SMEs and 72% of the larger organizations are suffering from the lack of appropriate skills needed to tackle the digital trends. By preparing your organization for every new shift in digital technologies, you can easily beat out the competition and gain maximum exposure regarding new changes before they become heavily saturated. As a result of this, your organization can expand the brand’s reach, enjoy an increase in the overall revenue, and become an authority in any niche. Simply by leading your industry through digital transformations, you will be setting your company’s image as something that is not afraid to take on challenges. This kind of behavior is crucial for attracting the right talent.

    • Observe Flexibility and Balance in Work

    Observe Flexibility and Balance in Work

    To retain young talent, you must instill a feeling loyalty within them and there is no other better way of doing this than by providing them with a flexible working environment. The inception of cloud and fast internet connections has changed the way people conduct businesses daily. Additionally, this has made it possible for individuals to explore remote working opportunities. Although the remote working facility has existed for some time, many of the companies are still afraid of allowing their employees to benefit from this trend. If only they knew the benefits!

    With so many things going on with their lives, the young individuals cherish freedom. They search for jobs that could provide them with maximum flexibility where they could observe a work-life balance without stress. So, an organization that strictly maintains rigid working hours will not attract the youth because 9-5 no longer appeals to the masses. This is something you need to consider next time when you are crafting an ad for a job.

    That said, it is better to create a working environment that is an amalgamation of freelance, part-time, and full-time. Take the example of PwC that has successfully established the Flexible Talent Network. This allowed the recruits to be in control as it enabled them to work at their preferred timings. This initiative proved successful as, within weeks, more than 2,000 people signed up for the scheme. With this, PwC remained successful in attracting new talent while gaining a competitive edge!

    • Assume a Mentor’s Role

    As the times are changing, tyrannical leaders are no longer appreciated. Since the young talent feels repulsed by such controlling minds, they now look for authority figures that can guide them and act as their mentor. According to a survey with over 500 participants, it was revealed that the current talent wants a mentor. This is because the current generation has grown up with people who supervised them and provided constant support. So, when it comes to an office setting, they want someone to fill the same role.

    These facts have been backed by a Deloitte study which revealed that the youth who shares a healthy mentoring relationship with their managers are satisfied with their jobs and are willing to remain loyal despite any circumstances. So, instead of micromanaging, it is better to assume a mentor’s position since it provides better chances at employee retention. That said, the managers must learn to assume a role that is focused on being helpful and based on forward-thinking. Instead of being critical and retrospective, the managers must work with the underperforming employees to show them ways through which they can improve.

    Additionally, you must never criticize your employee’s performance; instead, you should assist in ways that prove helpful to your workers. Further, whenever possible, your organization must let the employees breathe and form their approaches to a certain task. That is not to say that you completely exclude yourself from the narrative; instead, you can provide guidance throughout the way while your employees work on developing a specific approach.

    Whether the task at hand is about developing specific PDF editing software or if it relates to something else, the bottom line is that you must learn to take a step back and allow your employees to grow professionally.

    Final Thoughts

    Top young talent is hard to find and even harder to retain in the age of social media. This is because social media has erased the boundaries and made everything transparent. So, if your company is indulging into something illegal or if you are providing a difficult time for your current employees, someone will find a way to create a public social post and ruin your reputation. If it goes viral, it will become difficult to attract and retain young talent.

    That said, what once was necessary to attract people is no longer applicable in the current time. Because of this, it is crucial that you improve the existing company’s culture and reinforce the message that your organization appreciates and cares about its workforce. When the right values are reflected in your work culture, the young talent will want to work with you!

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