Looking for the best PDF Reader that offers an interruption-free reading experience? Classic PDF Editor has got you covered. Being the smartest alternative to all its high-end competitors, Classic PDF Editor allows you to view, create, merge, convert, edit and review PDF files with ease.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, our PDF Viewer is equipped with groundbreaking features and tools that allows for up to 6400% text magnification, non-cluttered navigation, professional editing and full compatibility with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


Create and Manage Industry-standard PDFs


Classic PDF Editor allows you to create and manage PDF documents from scratch and/or morph hundreds of most common file formats into PDF files that are fully compatible with other PDF Reader and PDF Viewer products I.e. Nitro, Adobe Acrobat, and Foxit, etc.


Offering full customization of its dynamic toolbars, Classic PDF Editor makes it all easy for you to create and convert multiple file formats into industry-standard PDFs. Using the main navigation toolbar, you can jump between different pages of the document and conveniently manage text magnification using the Select and Zoom toolbar.


But what REALLY makes it different?


Being the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat, Classic PDF Editor is the ONLY PDF software that provides a complete set of features at only $24.95! Its award-winning performance has helped it get recognized as one of the Best PDF Readers and PDF Viewers in industry. Apart from its professional editing and high-quality conversion processes, Classic PDF Editor’s exclusive features it what makes the software different.


Exclusive Features:


  • Enhanced Page Magnification and Viewing
  • Accurate Annotation and Attachment adding options
  • Superfast Download and Installation
  • Flawless conversion of 500+ Printable File Formats into Professional PDFs


Enhanced Page Magnification and Viewing


Classic PDF Editor guarantees you a cherished eBook reading experience. The PDF Reader allows you to zoom in on text for up to 6400% without adversely affecting the quality and visibility of the document under study. Moreover, the navigation remains smooth while the dynamic toolbars further enhance the reader’s viewing experience.


Accurate Annotation and Attachment adding options


Comments that can be added to PDF files in form of notes and review points are called Annotations. PDF annotations are a great way to add some insight into a document because these notes stand out without obscuring any text or hampering the reading ability.


With classic PDF editor, you cannot only insert annotations into your documents but also easily insert date, time, page numbers, headers and footers, custom text, graphic elements, logos and much more. With a few simple clicks, you can easily add images and attachments to your PDF documents.


Using the Classic’s PDF Viewer and Editor, you can review your PDF files, make appropriate adjustments via annotations and add/remove text without any hiccups.


Superfast Download and Installation


It takes a total of three minutes time to download our complete PDF management suite and an additional two to three minutes for its installation. There is minimal user intervention required as the entire installation process is fully automated. The installation process does not require any rebooting and you can immediately start using the software. You can get detailed guidance on how to operate the PDF Viewer and Editor with all details available on our User Manual.


Flawless conversion of 500+ Printable File Formats into Professional PDFs


Classic PDF Editor allows you to seamlessly convert more than 500 printable file formats to PDFs including MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. You can also use the PDF Reader to read and convert PDF files to Word Document, JPEGs and PNGs as and when required.


Take a look at our Exclusive Video Tutorial



Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative


Classic PDF Editor is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. Available in just $24.95, PDF Editor is installed with many features that allow you to quickly and professionally manage and edit your PDF documents. Take a look at some of the many features that make this program one of the Best PDF Viewers and Editors in Industry as compared to Acrobat 9 Pro:


table table-bordered Acrobat 9 Pro
Price $24.95 $499
Speedy Installation Setup ü ü
Easy conversion to a PDF from any printable file format ü ü
Edit text, images, and pages ü ü
Latest PDF Reader and Editor supports 500+ printable file format conversion ü ü
Up to 6400%-page magnification ü ü
Manage attachments to the current PDF document ü ü
High-quality document and pageview ü ü
Accurate annotation and review ü ü
100% Industry Standard PDF files ü ü


Awarded for Best Performance


Classic PDF Editor has won many awards from prominent software portals from the PDF editing and conversion industry. Some of the many awards include:


Editor’s Pick Award by Software Informer


Classic’s PDF Viewer is awarded for its ribbon-based design, providing an MS Office look and feel, and high-quality conversion processes (both to and from PDF) that simply makes this program the Best PDF Viewer in industry.


Editor’s Pick Award by Softoxi


Awarded for friendly, feature-rich, powerful and comprehensive PDF management suite that enables you to easily create, manage, edit, view and modify PDF documents.


Famous Software Award by Famous Why


Classic’s PDF Reader and PDF Viewer Program have been awarded by Download.FamousWhy.com for setting new quality benchmarks in:


  • Originality, creativity, and vision,
  • Professional design and performance,
  • Flexibility, compatibility and portability, and
  • Innovation


Editor’s Pick Award by Soft82


Classic PDF Editor has been tested by soft82.com Team against viruses, spyware, adware, trojan, backdoors and is found to be 100% clean. This program is checked periodically to assure it remains clean.


Editor’s Pick Award by Best Downloads Center


Classic PDF Editor is recommended by Best Downloads Centers as the Best PDF Viewer and Best PDF Reader in the market.


Editor’s Pick Award by Gear Download


ClassicPDFSteup.exe was tested for any malware and found 100% clean. It is recommended as by the Gear Download.


Editor’s Pick Award by Download 4a


Classic PDF Editor is recommended by Download 4a as the Best Award-winning PDF Editor and Converter in the market.


Round-the-clock, Interruption-free Customer Support


For installation and operational queries, please contact our 24/7 online B2C Technical Support Centre staffed by highly skilled personnel who will gladly take your queries and provide full assistance for all technical issues. Write us your inquiries at support@classicpdf.com


So, what are you waiting for? Introduce elegance and class into your business, start your 3-day FREE trial today!


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