Expertly Convert 500+ Printable File Formats to PDF with best PDF Converter

Classic PDF Editor is your universal PDF converter that fulfills your conversion needs under a single powerful platform. Now you have all your functions under one roof, enabling you to comfortably convert 500+ Printable File formats. With Classic PDF editor, you can convert PDF files with ease and comfort!

Expertly Convert 500+ Printable File Formats to PDF with best PDF Converter

Exclusive Features of Best PDF Converter

  • Convert MS Word to PDF
  • Convert MS Excel to PDF
  • Conversion of MS PowerPoint to PDF
  • Convert PDF to MS Office file formats
  • Convert more than 500 printable File formats to PDF
  • Merge multiple files to PDF

Convert MS Word to PDF

Third party applications or free online converters end up destroying the original formatting of MS Word documents when converting them into PDF files. Classic PDF editor’s professional Word to PDF converter flawlessly transforms your Word documents into PDF, making sure all your hard work stays intact.

Convert MS Excel to PDF

Excel sheets contain valuable statistical data which is often of business critical nature. Keeping Excel sheet data intact and preserving formatting is of pivotal importance. The Classic PDF editor efficiently converts Excel to PDF, retaining the look and feel of the original sheet while making it portable and secure.

Convert MS PowerPoint to PDF

MS PowerPoint is the most popular software to design, create, export and share professional presentations. For easy, secure and unaltered exchange of your PowerPoint presentations, use the Classic PDF editor to convert your slideshows into standalone PDF documents.

Convert 500+ printable files to PDF

Classic PDF editor’s conversion capabilities are not only limited to MS Office files but it can also convert over 500+ printable file formats into PDF.

Merge multiple files to PDF

You can combine/merge multiple documents (supported formats) into a single PDF document. Multiple files in different formats such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .txt can be easily merged together into one PDF document.

Convert PDF to Images & Graphics

You can convert a PDF document into image files such as JPEG, Bitmap, TIFF and PNG.

Convert PDF to Word

PDF to Word conversion is the most frequently used document conversion function. Word and PDF formats are the most popular document file formats and seamless conversion between them is an essential requirement for many businesses. Classic PDF editor converts PDF to Word exquisitely, transforming the editable look of the Word document into the professional feel of the PDF document.

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