• E-Mailing PDFs – Best Practices

    Posted 6 years ago
    23 Apr 2018

    Almost every day, computer users need to send the documents via emails. When you need to send casual emails to your friends, family members or colleagues you do not need to worry about the type of files that are attached in the email. But, if you are sending a professional email then a bit more effort is required to make it sure that the information is presented clearly.

    For example, the email attachments must be very professional if you are sending a resume for a job, proposals to your clients, or samples of your research work for acceptance into an academic program. You should check the file format before sending any official, academic or career-related documents.

    In this article, it is explained that why the files should be emailed in PDF file format. This article also explains some common methods that can be used for emailing the documents that are in PDF format.


    It is recommended to use PDF format when sending important files via emails such as business proposals, academic reports etc. PDF format is usually used for official documentation because it is a universal format that is easily accessible and is also versatile. If you are sending any official document in Microsoft Word format, then there is a chance of sacrificing the appearance and formatting of the document. This can occur due to the reason that the recipient may not use the same program to open the file and hence, the document will not appear the way you wanted it to be.

    However, the PDF format is independent of hardware, software or device on which the PDF file is opened. So, it doesn’t matter that which device or program the recipient is using; PDF file will appear same on any device.
    Therefore, PDF allows the user to send professional documents via emails without getting worried about the formatting or appearance of the content. The files that are in Word format can be converted into PDF by using any of the best PDF converters available online such as Classic PDF.


    The user usually needs to send confidential data. PDF format allows protecting the files by using different security features such as password protection, digital signature etc.

    One of the most important characteristics of PDF files is that these files are read-only. Therefore, it is highly recommended to covert the documents into PDF format by using any best PDF converter before sending them via email, so that the confidential information cannot be altered or stolen.


    It is very simple to convert documents from any other format into PDF. This can be done easily by using Classic PDF editor. You can simply upload your MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint document files and generate PDF files out of them while retaining the structure and appearance of the original document perfectly. Moreover, if the size of the PDF file is too big to be sent as an attachment via email, you can also compress the size of a file before attaching it to an email.


    There are number of different ways of sending PDF files via email service. Some of the common methods are listed below:


    The most common method for sending a PDF file through email is by using any of the webmail services such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. The process of attaching and sending PDF files is almost same across all of these services. First of all you need to Sign in for a specific webmail client. Click on Compose button and enter the recipient address, subject line, and text. Now, click on Attach Files button and locate the PDF file that is required to be attached in the email.


    If the PDF files are stored on Google Drive, then you can send the files from your GDrive instead of downloading them on your PC or laptop. The PDF files can be sent from Google Drive by two methods that are listed below:

     Upload the file from GDrive

    The file can be uploaded from GDrive by clicking on the Google Drive icon. From there, you can locate the PDF file that is required to be attached, then select Attachment and click on Insert.

     Send a shareable link

    This is an easy way for sending large PDF files. The sender can just attach a shareable link of a PDF file that is located in Google Drive instead of sending the whole PDF file in an email.


    Last but not least, the PDF files can also be sent by using DropBox service. The method of sending the PDF files via DropBox is almost same as that of Google Drive. The user can choose on f the two options. The file can either be sent directly from the DropBox menu or the sender can copy the link that contains the PDF file and then insert it into email body.

    The good thing about DropBox is that the user can set the security measures for the link i.e., the link can be protected with password so that only authorized people can get access to the link. Moreover, it also allows setting the expiry date for the link. These features must be used when sending confidential files in order to protect the data from any malicious activity.

    So, this is all the information that is required for sending the universal PDF files. It is always recommended to send the documents in PDF format via emails due to the reasons mentioned in this article. Now it’s your choice that whether you want to attach the compact PDF file in email or you want to insert the link (that contains the PDF file) in the email body. If you have any other information regarding the topic or any question related to this article, please let us know in the comment section below:

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