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    Posted 7 years ago
    18 May 2017

    Adobe Acrobat has been the pioneer in the world of PDF software ever since its introduction of PDF Reader in 1993. The market however has now come up with several suitable substitutes. One of these alternatives worthy of a mention is our very own Classic PDF Editor. Its unique features allow users to create PDF files from different formats that include Microsoft Word, Power Point & Excel. It also provides users the ability to convert 500+ printable files to PDF. Not to mention the option to merge several files into a single PDF. So, without further ado, let’s go through some of the ways on how to utilize the best PDF Creator in town.

    Convert MS Word to PDF:

    Both MS Word & PDF formats are surely the most used document formats in the world. And the need to convert one to the other is a frequent one. Luckily, Classic PDF Editor makes that task extremely easy. Its ribbon based interface provides an instant one click conversion tab which then provides the option to import any desired file. Once the Word file is chosen, all one must do is wait for it to be converted into PDF.

    Convert MS Excel to PDF:

    The process for Excel conversion is pretty much the same as MS Word. All you should do is choose your Excel file instead of the Word and click the conversion tab. Yup, it’s that easy.

    Convert MS Power Point to PDF:

    Yet again, a process that is similar and made extremely easy by Classic PDF Editor. Once the Power Point file is chosen in the import tab, all that remains is to save it to your desired location and view it in PDF format.

    Convert PDF to MS Office File Formats:

    If you end up losing you MS Office files and are only left with the PDF files, there’s still no need to worry. That’s because Classic PDF Editor also enables its users to convert PDF files back into their original formats. All that needs to be done is a single click on the open a PDF document which will display your desired PDF file in the work area. The next click will be on the conversion tab which will display all the formats available for conversion.

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