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    Posted 5 years ago
    07 Jul 2018
    Classic PDF

    Today’s tech gurus are famous for never agreeing on anything. Every single person has a different opinion on every single topic. Whether the topic is Android vs. iOS, Windows vs. Mac, smartwatches vs. fitness bands or desktops vs. laptops, one thing you can rely on is that you will never see all tech experts side with the same product.

    From tech Gods and good buddies Elon Musk and Eric Schmidt to smartphone reviewers like MKBHD and Detroit BORG’s Michael Kukielka, everyone seems to have different opinions. But, miraculously, when the talk is about efficient file management, almost all experts seem to agree that PDF is the greatest file format for storing files.

    Introduced in 1992 at a trade show, PDF was the first big thing the world saw from Adobe. It is what put them on the map. It wasn’t the Flash Player or Photoshop but PDF and Adobe Acrobat that made Adobe famous.

    PDF through the years

    At the time of PDF’s release, the tech world faced a big issue. Transferring a file from one computer to another messed up the whole formatting of the file. And this problem occurred even if both the sending computer and the receiving computer had the same operating system.

    PDF was developed to work completely independently of the hardware, software and the operating system. This allowed PDF files to work perfectly on all kinds of computers and operating systems thus made transferring files a possibility.

    PDF solved another important issue too. Before PDF, almost all file formats that we had displayed and printed files differently. PDF was one of the first file formats that solved this issue and displayed files exactly how they would look in printed form.

    Adobe received huge praise when they launched PDF and the Adobe Acrobat but, the software had a hefty price tag because of which the sales didn’t really take off after launch.

    After a few months of underwhelming numbers, Adobe made the Acrobat Reader available for free.

    The Aftermath

    The move was unheard of at the time and everyone thought Adobe had gone crazy. But, looking back, the move was ingenious. Adobe knew PDF had a lot of potentials and removing the price tag on Acrobat Reader helped spread PDF’s usage like wildfire.

    But, there was only one software in the world that could create and edit PDF files and Adobe was selling it at a price tag of $500. Since then, Adobe’s strategy in regards to PDF has been the same, more or less.

    Today, Adobe sells two different software for creating and editing PDF files; the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and the Adobe Acrobat Standard DC. The difference between the two is that the Pro version offers more features than the Standard one. With an annual commitment, customers can buy the Acrobat Pro for $15 per month and the Acrobat Standard for $13 per month.

    Those who don’t want to make an annual commitment can buy the Acrobat Pro for $24 and Acrobat Standard for $22 on a month to month basis. You can also buy a desktop only version by paying $449 for Adobe Acrobat Pro and $299 for Adobe Acrobat Standard

    The need for Classic PDF

    Classic PDF Editor

    As you can see, Adobe has been overcharging PDF users for years and we decided to stand against it. Since inception, Classic PDF has been providing its users with fast, secure and above all, absolutely free online tools through which users can convert files to PDF and PDF files to other formats.

    The free file conversion tools on our website provide the following conversions;

    • Word (doc and docx) to PDF
    • Excel (xls and xlsx) to PDF
    • PowerPoint (ppt and pptx) to PDF
    • PNG to PDF
    • JPG to PDF
    • PDF to PNG
    • PDF to JPG

    All of our tools have proven to be very helpful to our users and the response has been great. But, if there is one tool that got the greatest response, it’s our JPG to PDF converter online, as it enables users to store their images in a safe and secure file format.

    Our next step

    Classic PDF

    The huge success that our free online file format conversion tools earned encouraged us to more for our users and that is when we came up with the concept of Classic PDF Editor.

    As the name suggests, Classic PDF Editor allows its users to easily edit PDF files but it is so much more than that. The software was created to against Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and offers all the great features that Acrobat does.

    Here are some of the features that Classis PDF editor offers;

    • It allows it’s users to create a new PDF file from absolutely any printable file format.
    • Allows users to edit the text, images and pages of any PDF file.
    • The latest version of our software has a built-in file format converter that supports more than 500 different file formats.
    • Classic PDF users enjoy specialized zoom-in magnification of up to 6400%.
    • Excellent page view allows easy file management and efficient handling of file attachments.
    • Features-filled toolbars make file reviews and annotations really easy.
    • Installation and setup complete without any fuss or delays.
    • PDF files produced through our PDF editor are 100% industry-standard PDF files.

    What sets Classic PDF Editor apart?

    Now that you know what features Classic PDF Editor offers, you might be thinking Adobe Acrobat Pro does those same things, how is this better? Well, what makes Classic PDF Editor the Best PDF Editor is its extremely reasonable, one-time payment.

    Adobe Acrobat Pro goes for $24/month on a month to month basis and for $449 if the user wants a desktop version. Well, for Classic PDF Editor, all you have to pay is the small amount of $24.95 and the software is yours. And, that’s a one-time payment, not monthly.

    Forget Adobe, not even Adobe’s rivals have ever produced something so great at such a budget-friendly price.

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