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    Posted 7 years ago
    14 Mar 2017
    Convert PDF to Word

    Whenever you draw up a comparison between word & PDF file formats, one thing that pops up immediately are their pros & cons. Word files, while easy to edit & navigate lose their edge when it comes to privacy, security & user to user transfers. Many a times, a word file does not retain its original content format when transferred from one device to another.

    Pdf files on the other hand offer security features and frees the user from worries of format changes. That is because the content in a pdf file stays the same no matter which device its being viewed on. But all these perks bring with them certain limitations. While it provides uniform viewing across devices, by doing so, the pdf format takes away user’s ability to effectively edit and mold the file according to their demand. So its only logical that the best PDF converter in the market can somehow act as a hybrid.

    This has to be a software that can encompass the best of both worlds in a single place. One that could encompass the ease of editing that word files provide while staying true to the original benchmarks of pdf files; namely security and cross device compatibility. Luckily, we have just the software on offer.


    Classic PDF editor, a software aimed at viewing pdf files as well as editing and converting a range of 500+ file formats is the ideal PDF Converter that money can buy. Its rich features enable users to directly convert MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint to pdf with just one click. It also provides the option to convert PDF to MS Office file formats hence enabling users to edit their PDF files according to their need.

    In addition to these formats, a wide range of other file formats are also available for editing & converting. Classic PDF Editor provides users with the opportunity to convert 500+ printable files formats to PDF along with the ability to merge multiple file formats such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .txt into a single PDF file. Last but not the least, Classic PDF Editor has a feature which provides users with the ability to convert PDF files into image formats of JPEG, Bitmap, TIFF and PNG.

    And all this ease and innovation comes in at a price range that is almost 1/6th of all of its contemporary competitors.

    By combining seamless productivity with user friendly interface, Classic PDF Editor ranks as one of the Best PDF Converter currently in the market. That too at a fraction of a price of all others. The art of PDF conversion has never been easier.

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