• Classic PDF Editor: An Alternative Software to Adobe PDF

    Posted 7 years ago
    18 Apr 2017
    Adobe PDF

    The world of technology these days offers many variant options in softwares. Unfortunately, users are always hooked onto the same old ones which they have been using without giving much attention to its alternatives. Alternatives that offer better utilities at lower rates and efficient processing. Such is also the case with PDF format softwares.


    With everyone focused on Adobe PDF Reader, many overlook the plethora of choices which the industry provides in contrast. One such choice, out of many is the Classic PDF Editor. This PDF software has been tailored specifically for PDF viewing & editing. It furthermore provides an impeccable user experience with its rich features.

    And while Adobe PDF comes in at a hefty price, Classic PDF Editor ensures similar rich¬†features at only 1/6th of its competitor’s price tag. Yes, that’s right. So now the best of PDF software is available for use at a fraction of the rate which Adobe offers.

    Classic PDF Editor along with its minimal price also comes armed with many exquisite features. These include its utilities to create & convert PDF files into different formats including MS Word, MS Power Point & its Excel Sheets. Not to mention the fact that its PDF files can also be converted into many image formats. Some of these include JPEG, Bitmap and PNG to name a few.

    With the tech realm having caught up with the big giants of the game, smaller start ups are now offering multiple choices in terms of different softwares. It’s about time users also started making smarter choices and got themselves the best deal money could buy. When it comes to PDF solutions, Classic PDF Editor aims to do just that.

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