• Automated Document Conversion and its Benefits

    Posted 6 years ago
    02 May 2018
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    What is automated document conversion?

    Automated Document conversion is defined as the process of converting files from one format to another and vice versa. The conversion process can be accomplished by using any good document conversion software. Automated document conversion is different from simple conversion in a way that automated conversion has the ability to convert the documents automatically; hence, the user does not have to waste time and energy on manual processes that are slow and not easy to use. This can be helpful in case of converting a large number of files. By using different document converting software programs, the user can convert files into many different formats depending on the requirements of a company.

    Usually, the computer users need to convert different file formats into PDF. The reason is that the PDF format is universal that can be read easily by using any of the best PDF reader software such as Classic PDF. Moreover, PDF format preserves the layout of the file and it is more secure as compared to other file formats. Generally, at a workplace, employees need to convert many documents into PDF format on daily basis, so the automated document conversion can be helpful in that case. If the user creates the file in a .docx file extension i.e. a Word document and shares it with other people then they can only view the file if Microsoft Word is installed on their PCs. And another issue with Word files is that they can be easily edited hence the person who receives the file can make changes to the file’s data whereas for the PDF format files editing requires a lot of effort and special editing software. Hence, alterations in the document can be avoided by using PDF format files as it makes the files more secure and easily shareable.


    Uses of automated document conversion:

    For converting the documents into other formats, automated document conversion can be used in different processes. For example, the user may need to convert excel to PDF or the documents that are in image format such as TIFF, JPEG etc, may require a conversion in PDF format. As mentioned earlier, most of the people prefer to convert files into PDF format before sharing it with others, so that is the most popular conversion. Moreover, when the document is converted into PDF format, the size of the file also reduces without compromising on the quality and resolution of document.

    Automated document conversion solutions:

    Automated document conversion can be done by using different software programs available online. Nowadays, there are many software available that are offering free of cost services. So, you can easily convert the files in the format of your choice within no time. As there are many conversion tools available, so you need to take out time for comparing the features of different tools and then selecting the best one that can perform the task efficiently.
    One of the best software for converting the files into PDF format and vice versa is Classic PDF. This software has the ability to convert Microsoft Office suite file formats into PDF and vice versa. It can also perform the conversion of more than five hundred printable file formats to PDF. Furthermore, Classic PDF can also merge multiple documents into a single PDF file. The user can also create and edit PDF files with the help of this amazing software program. You can download Classic PDF for free on trial basis, so no need to worry about the price of software as you can get all these services free of cost.

    Why use Automated Document Conversion to PDF?

    Automated Document conversion is an excellent solution for the employees at an organization who need to deal with a lot of files. In today’s world when the organizations are shifting to a paperless office, there is a dire need to have automated document conversion software programs in order to perform the conversion processes at a faster pace. Automated Document conversion saves time and efficiency, hence; increasing the productivity of organizations. On the other hand, manual conversion consumes a lot of time and energy of the employees, hence reducing the efficiency of work.

    No doubt, that PDF is most preferable file formats but the users may also need to convert the PDF files into other formats. This can also be done by using Automated Document conversion software programs.

    How to use automated document conversion to PDF:

    In order to use the automated document conversion, the first task is to find out the software that can complete the goal efficiently. After finding the necessary software, you do not need to worry about the rest of the process as the program can handle the conversion. So you can easily covert large volumes of files in your computer. Most of the software programs have the same method of conversion. You just need to select the file that is required to be converted into other format and then run the conversion tool. Once, the file is converted you can save it on your PC for further use.

    The benefits of Automated Document conversion for an organization:

    One of the most critical elements of company’s digital transformation strategy is the automated document conversion. Shifting the conversion process from manual to auto can be very beneficial for an organization. The automatic process of document conversion can help to eradicate manual input and it also reduces human error. Moreover, the automated process also helps to preserve critical document context and simplify the compliance.
    The unstructured content can also be transformed a structured data by using an automatic method of document conversion. This transformed data can be then used for analysis, archiving, and storage purposes. All this helps in improving the workflows of the document and enhance its analytics. The operational efficiencies of a document are also increased by automating the document conversion.

    The automated document conversion offers three key benefits to an organization. These three important benefits are accelerating the speed of work, providing a better customer experience, and reorganizing the compliance with federal rules and regulations. Hence, it’s a great idea to use automatic document conversion software for your organization. These key benefits are described below in more detail.

    1. Accelerate speed of work

    Data capturing methods can be accelerated by using automated document conversion. Moreover, it can also reorganize the workflows of critical businesses. Hence, this results in better decision making and increased productivity and services. The speed and efficiency of work also increase as the user can automatically convert the files into the required format.

    For example, if there is a manufacturer that works with several suppliers for the production of its products. The suppliers that are supplying the required tools may submit their proposals, plans, and agreements in different formats. All those formats may not be readable on the device that the manufacturer is using because of the absence of specific software. So the company’s work process may get slower because the employees will ask the suppliers to submit the documents again in the format that is readable on manufacturer’s device.

    So for solving this issue, the manufacturer can choose the option of automated document conversion. The manufacturer can set up a portal on which suppliers are allowed to upload the documents in any format of their choice. The automatic converter can then convert the files automatically into standardized, searchable PDF documents. So, the speed of the work is increased and the time is saved by implementing automatic conversion process. So the organization can provide the products to market at a faster speed.

    In other major industries, for example in medical industry, the benefits of automated document conversion processes are particularly important. The company may contain large volumes of files when a new drug submission is prepared for the FDA’s review. These documents can be in different formats and can also contain links to other sources of the content. So, it is required to convert all those files into PDF format while maintaining the quality and resolution of the document. The conversion must not be error-prone or the links contained in the documents must not be broken. In this scenario, automated document conversion is the best choice that can convert the documents automatically and without any error.

    2. Improve customer experience

    Another key benefit of automated document conversion is that the customer can get connected to a company at their own terms. This automatic service can offer great benefits to the customers also.

    For example, in case of insurance industries, the document conversion is required on daily basis. It is very important for smooth running and well-organized claim processes. When the customers are submitting the supporting documents for the insurance purposes, they can easily upload their picture, videos or any other related word document to an online portal provided by a company. The company can then complete the process at a fast track by putting those documents into automated conversion software instead of processing files manually. So if the manual process is removed from insurance companies, this means that the claim process is speeded up. Hence, this results in customer’s satisfaction.

    Let’s consider the example of another insurance company. If a customer asks the vendor for a copy of a contract or an old strategy then if the documents are stored in form of hard paper, then it would be difficult for the vendor to find out the documents. The vendor has to perform the manual search that can consume a lot of time so the client might have to wait for many weeks or months in order to get that copy. But if all the old documents are converted into scanned files by using automated conversion method then these files can be accessed and searched easily. And the customer does not have to wait for a long time to get the copy of required documents.

    3. Abide by the federal regulations

    One of the most important benefits of automated document conversion is that the compliance burden is also reduced on organizations that have a bulk of digital files.

    For example, the staff of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) that is a nuclear agency used to start working at 4:00 AM every day to print out the summary reports of overnight. These reports were required by federal regulators. This work was very much hectic and time-consuming; hence, decreasing the morale of workers.

    So the solution for this issue was automated document conversion. TVA adopted this method that was able to collect automatically the necessary reports, standardize the reports into searchable PDF files, merge them into summary editions, and then email them to the authentic people. This helped in automating the mandatory process. Moreover, it also consumed fewer resources as compared to manual processes, enhanced the consistency of the results, and ensured the compliance easily.

    In recent years, the federal regulatory requirements have been increased tremendously for large organizations. It is obligatory for banking institutions to evaluate the terms and commitments within contracts to expose any risk factor that they may have. It is implemented by the government in order to avoid any failure on large scale.


    So, now after reading all these benefits of automatic document conversion, you should not give it an afterthought and start using automatic processes for converting the files on a daily basis in your organization. An effective process of document conversion can speed up a time to market, develop a better customer experience, and streamline the federal compliance.
    In order to find the right solution for converting documents by an automatic process, organizations should choose good software that provides all necessary services. This can be done by working with vendors who have a good market experience in converting the wide set of formats, at the highest level of quality and resolution. As choosing the right software will help to enhance the usefulness of your organization’s overall digital transformation strategy. If you know any other key benefit of automatic document conversion or if you have any question related to the blog, please let us know in the comment section below:

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