• 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About PDF

    Posted 5 years ago
    13 Aug 2018

    PDF format has been around for quite some time now and it’s been improving over the years as technology advances. With several PDF software available online, we decided to unveil some of the benefits Best PDF Readers have in common.

    Classic PDF

    Ever since the launch of PDFs back in 1993, there has been a significant progression in technology. But that hasn’t seemed to affect many features of the PDF. The document format is still as relevant today as it used to be back in the old days. In fact, businesses now are more dependent on PDFs to conduct vital document sharing and filing and collaboration of important files. But as common as this tool is today, are you really maximizing its value?

    Classic PDF

    PDFs are engineered to simplify digital document workflows and are equipped with an arsenal of powerful tools and built-in-features that many people don’t even know about. So, today we thought of sharing six things about PDFs that will make work easier for you and your business:

    PDFs can be secured

    PDFs are commonly considered as non-editable, final versions of e-documents. Which they are unless you have access to a PDF editing software. Anyone with a PDF Text Bearbeiten [e.g. Classic PDF Editor] can easily edit a PDF file. You can not only modify a PDF with a reliable editing software but also control who has access to the data inside.

    By setting file encryption or applying for password protection, you can add an extra layer of security to your PDF files, allowing access only to authorized users. Password protected PDF files can be easily shared across teams without any risk of data theft.

    PDFs are compatible with several other programs

    Mistakenly thought of as a fixed-file format -PDF documents work flawlessly with many other file types. They can be easily converted into PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPG and PNG formats and vice versa. You can maintain large archives of IT data, medical records and/or your marketing researches using PDFs.

    In addition, PDFs are great for compressing large files into manageable sizes for sharing. By condensing large file sizes, PDFs allow for faster uploads and easier file transfers between team members.

    PDFs are ideal for team collaboration

    Effective team collaboration is the foundation of success. Your business is likely to perform better if your team can view documents easily, clearly and quickly. And PDFs can help you accomplish that. They come equipped with smart and integrated collaborative tools that allow its users to comment, edit, monitor and track changes with ease.

    This feature works great for large teams. With multiple users having access to the same file, they can edit, review, give feedback and modify changes without having to download, scan, email or print the document.

    PDFs can be signed digitally

    With several reliable PDF editing software on the market, you no longer have to download, sign, scan and email the documents. In fact, you can now add your digital signatures to any PDF file online and share it with the concerned parties.

    While PDF editors are available in both paid and free versions online and for download, you can easily use both types of editors to speed up the communication process across your team and/or with your clients.

    You don’t have to install a separate signature app or worry about the privacy of your other resources stored on the same device. Professional PDF editors come equipped with all these features and allow you to create your own e-signatures using either a touchpad or a mouse. Once completed, you can insert your e-signature at the desired place on the PDF document using the preview tool.

    To further guarantee the security of your documents, top PDF Editing Software secure all file transfers with an SSL encryption and automatically erase history from their servers in a specified amount of time.

    PDFs can be managed on the cloud

    PDF documents have managed to remain incredibly relevant all through the years of its use and continue to do so in the digital era. With easy access to the Internet, PDFs can be created from scratch, edited and secured with passwords online. That’s right. Cloud storage has opened new ways teams can collaborate, share, read and modify information.

    You can now easily find PDF Editing Software that can be integrated with your cloud database, saving you from all the hard work and time waste.

    PDFs can be archived; did you know that?

    Operating in a digital age, businesses simply cannot afford losing data today. With tons of information stored in PDF format, losing data is the worst thing that can happen. So, to ensure PDFs and data contained in them retain its integrity over time, The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) takes measures for safe viewing and storage of PDF archives.

    ISO 19005 talks about a new file format based on PDF, known as PDF/A. Which provides a mechanism for displaying e-documents in a way that preserves the original formatting and images of the PDF document over the years to come, irrespective of the tools used for their creation, storage, and reproduction.

    Some of the many applications that benefit from PDF/A implementations include:


    • Legal records management,
    • Automated workflows,
    • Mail processing,
    • Computer-Aided Design (CAD),
    • Scientific Papers, and
    • Archive migration.

    While long-term archiving requirements vary from industry-to-industry, PDF/A is heavily deployed across the healthcare, public, financial services and engineering sectors.

    Although there are still people out there who have a narrow view of PDF and its functionality, the features outlined above show its versatility in terms of lasting technology that is built for digital businesses and to cater the needs of the modern workforce.

    What do you think makes PDFs one of the most reliable formats for exchanging information between parties? Why do businesses need to adopt the paper-less revolution? And how PDFs are changing the way things were managed at your organization before?

    We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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