• 5 Ways Students can Make Use of PDF Files in Education

    Posted 7 years ago
    14 Feb 2017

    PDF files these days have become a rage among the digital documents as more and more businesses, firms and professionals are preferring to use them in place of paper-based documents. We all know why a paperless environment is so crucial for sustainable climate and productivity in this competitive world. PDF documents however have not been designed for businesses alone. The use of PDF format has also gained traction in members of the academic community all over the world.

    A number of students among you might not be familiar with the myriad benefits that PDF files provide. We discussed a couple of weeks ago how teachers could take benefit from electronic documents. Now let’s discuss some of the interesting and handy ways students can make use of PDF files in their educational pursuits.

    1 – Access Your Study Material on-the-go!


    Students can now create new PDF documents from scratch and convert existing ones into any format with an exquisite PDF converter. Converting your lengthy Excel sheets into a PDF document is also an easy task now with the help of a handy PDF editing software, . PDF format furthermore allows students to combine all their study notes, write ups, PowerPoint presentations, reports and schedules into singular files that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So no more bulky books and notes stuffed in your backpack! Everything can now be nicely fitted into your laptop or handheld mobile device.

    2 – Toy with Your Lecture Notes as and when Required


    Students can now convert PDF to Word or vice versa and start editing their lecture notes seamlessly. One can even take notes in their laptop or handheld mobile device during lectures using a word processing software such as Microsoft Word. These can then be converted into PDF to enjoy more security-rich features.

    3 – Study in Groups using Digital Documents


    You can comfortably collaborate with your colleagues, fellow students and teachers now through the use of PDF files. You can also ask your mates to review your write ups while adding annotations and bookmarks. This can be an effective way to share each other’s feedback. So you don’t have to be present in your study group all the time. Electronic documents will not let your group mates feel your absence.

    4 – Send Your Applications with Digital Signatures


    Students need not send their applications or permission slips from their parents by hand now. All you have to do is to convert your application into a PDF file and append your electronic signatures to it. Yes, it’s that simple! Complete, sign and approve!

    5 – No More Backpacks Stuffed with Books


    You can have your course books scanned and converted into PDF files that can be read and edited as and when required. So now you don’t have to carry your threadbare books and binders to the classroom. As a matter of fact, the number of school and university libraries is increasing with every passing day that provide digital handouts of textbooks.

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