• 5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Format for Your Scanned Documents

    Posted 7 years ago
    10 Jan 2017
    scanned documents

    The most important thing to be considered for scanned documents is the right format. People generally prefer PDF since it is the most common and popularly used document format in the world. One should nonetheless take a look at all the other available options before choosing. This can better enable us to decide which document format is the best.

    1 – Portability


    The right document format for your scanned files should be viewed across all platforms without any hindrance. It should also be compatible with different applications along with integration into softwares such as MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

    2 – Searchability


    It is important that the document format under use is able to house basic tags and XML-based metadata. This enables users to add metadata to their documents which enhances their searchability. Such utilities help others who are in need of relevant information to discover these documents. There are a number of documents formats that can only accommodate basic tags. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) therefore has to be brought into play to create a text-based file that can subsequently be searched and indexed.

    3 – Security


    Another thing of fundamental importance is the security that a particular document format provides. A format that has no security features can land you in deep trouble in these times of data insecurity. You should opt for a document format that lets you restrict viewing, editing, copying, modification or printing based on your preference. Read through our detailed post on the PDF security features for greater insight into this subject.

    4 – Compression and Archiving


    The document format that you choose for your scanning should contain compression technologies for color, gray scale and black and white documents. It is also advisable to go for a document format that allows for long term archiving enabling future viewing ability.

    5 – Ease in Scanning


    The ease with which a document format allows scanning of multi-page documents is also of vital importance. There are formats for instance which scan a multi-page document as a single page. This makes the process far more complex.

    Most of the people out there prefer to use PDF format for their scanning needs.You can make use of the Classic PDF Converter to convert images to PDF in case you prefer other document formats such as JPEG, TIFF etc. You can furthermore create PDF with the help of the Classic PDF editor as and when required without involving any complex mechanisms.


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