• 5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Go Paperless

    Posted 7 years ago
    13 Dec 2016

    Going paperless can help your small business enterprise flourish and save on a number of cost overheads. Yet there are still a myriad of companies that are skeptical about adopting a paper-free environment. Moreover, the technological solutions in the shape of PDF editors can also help in this transition. Here, we discuss with you some of the key benefits that small businesses can gain by going paperless.

    1 – Massive Savings in Terms of Overhead Costs


    Statistics revealed by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) show that a typical employee uses round about 10,000 sheets of paper annually. So $1,000 is what an employee spends on paper alone. This means that a small business enterprise with at most 50 employees is spending a whopping $50,000 on paper alone. You also have to spend money on printer maintenance, printing ink, shredding, shipping and other tasks. Creating electronic documents therefore through affordable PDF editors can certainly help you cut down your overhead costs.

    2 – Increased Accessibility


    Modern technological innovations have made it mandatory for business owners as well as employees to be able to access documents on the go. The invasion of electronic documents and workflow automation tools have made it compulsory for all the collaborators to get access to documents at the right time, place and format. E-documents produced by high quality PDF editors can come in handy at such instances!

    3 – Enhanced Filing and Indexing Options


    A typical employee takes a lot of time in filing a paper document. The dilemma of finding that document is also a tedious one. Employees have to go through all the files and folders to retrieve such necessary data. Electronic documents on the other hand such as PDF files are very easy to find since they can be indexed using date, name of author, document format and numerous other criteria.

    4 – Greater Productivity


    Your small business can generate greater productivity now by going paperless. Doing so will provide you with options such as digital signatures and digital data collection via web-based forms. E-documents generated through the best PDF editors can also be distributed, assembled and routed at greater speeds thus generating efficient results. Hence, you can expedite your business work flows; thereby ensuring speedy completion of your projects and business tasks.

    5 – Customer-centric Document Management


    Customers want business documents to meet their unique needs. PDF editors and e-forms solutions allow you to create personalized electronic or paper-based forms and reports to fit customer formats or unique business processes. You can also set up your files to be split, formatted, distributed and archived automatically.


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