• 5 Reasons Why PDF Format is the Best Document Format

    Posted 7 years ago
    27 Mar 2017
    PDF Format

    The PDF format has been at the forefront of its intended market ever since it came out in 1993. Its usage ranges from public users to Federal Governments making it a file system trusted by billions around the globe. Such widespread use of PDF is down to many of its qualities & features. Some of those are discussed here.

    Omnipresent Format:

    As the old saying goes: “Stick to What You’re Best At”, quite similar is PDF’s way of doing things. Such is its efficiency in performing the tasks which it was designed for that its usage has reached a world wide audience with users all around the globe on all sorts of platforms.

    Compressibility Options:

    Consumption of hard disc space might not be an issue for small everyday users but when it comes to international corporations and national governments, the issue of file storage can be a nuisance if not addressed. PDF luckily takes care of that issue with its ability to be compressed and brought down to minimum size.

    Password Protection:

    PDF format along with the security of leaving an editing trail also provides the option to secure files through password protection. The combination of these 2 features has led to the format’s use in many formal & government matters. As its the case with the U.S Federal Government still being the biggest user of the format. Such qualities have elevated PDF to the status of being declared as Electronic Paper.

    System Adaptability:

    Because it is hard to edit & the format being so widespread, PDF files can be opened across any and all operating systems from Windows to Mac & and LINUX. Such system adaptability ensures that the software is being used by the entire range of customers according to their requirements. Some of the best PDF converters also provide options to convert PDF files to other formats in case of user editing.

    PDF is Here to Stay:

    The world of technology changes rapidly and trends fade away with time. The PDF format however is one nut that has refused to crack under the pressure of time. It has the world’s stamp of approval when it comes to acceptability. It would therefore require a huge shift in the mechanisms of modern computing for users to ditch the format and move on to something new. Till then, PDF is here to stay.

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