• 5 PDF Security Tools to Protect Your Confidential Client Data

    Posted 7 years ago
    03 Jan 2017
    pdf security tools

    Information is no more secure in the modern digital age which we live in. We hear about security breaches everyday where sensitive information is accessed by unwarranted personnel. This compromised information can be in the form of passwords, confidential details of clients and similar information. The consequences are also dire once your business suffers this information theft. Your customers are bound to lose their trust in your brand and it affects your business adversely.

    Every possible measure should therefore be taken to ensure the safety of your customer data. An impeccable PDF Editor with top of the line security tools can come in handy in such scenarios. Here are some useful PDF security tools that can keep your customer data safe from any breach.

    1 – Encryption


    A PDF document without proper authorization is nothing but a jumbled mess of characters. That is because encryption on a PDF file keeps its content secure no matter where its stored. Such encryptions can be of different types and can be applied to passwords as well as rights management. So the tax returns of your valuable client can be encrypted now at the season’s end to protect them from being accessed by unauthorized users.

    2 – Password Protection


    Certain user permissions can be managed by applying passwords to your PDF files. The file owner of a password restricted PDF file can determine which users view, edit a PDF file, modify or print a certain document. You can also use this feature extensively while sharing your sensitive documents with your clients.

    3 – Permanent Content Removal


    This is another way through which certain content can be removed from a PDF file. It helps the document owner to remove the target content; thereby ensuring its inaccessibility for third parties in the future.

    4 – User Specific Stamps


    Dynamic stamps is another security measure that can beef up security of your confidential client data. These stamps include user specific fields such as name, time and date. They can therefore be used to validate approval, receipt or dispatch by appropriate authorities.

    5 – Electronic Certificates


    Digital certificates can be thought of as digital identity cards that can be used to encrypt, decrypt and electronically sign digital documents. These certificates ensure access of certified personnel only to sensitive data.

    Classic PDF editor is a secure and affordable solution that can help you manage your electronic documents and ensure safety of your sensitive client information.


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