• 5 Instances When a PDF Converter is Needed

    Posted 6 years ago
    11 Sep 2017
    PDF Converter

    The PDF software has become a hallmark of digital documentation in the years since its launch. In all these decades, it has cemented its place in the digital arena by providing unmatched services. And with time, its utilities have evolved from simple PDF file viewing. What was once designed as a software to provide uniform viewing has overtime developed different dynamic tools. Of course with the existence of all other file format, it became necessary to develop PDF conversion techniques, so that this software could be taken use of even further. In this regard, a PDF converter can certainly come in handy. Below are listed the 5 instances when one may need a PDF converter.

    Conversion of Office Files:

    This perhaps is the most obvious & widely used tool in a PDF converter. With the Word format being the only rival to PDF, there are quite a few moments when one can find themselves in the need to convert a Word file to PDF or vice versa. Of course it doesn’t stop just with the Word format. Modern PDF converters allow the conversion of Excel & PowerPoint files to PDF for convenience. All this makes our online & digital lives that much easier.

    Conversion of Images:

    Another popular utility of a PDF converter is its compatibility with image formats. Modern PDF converters can work with different image formats include JPEG, TIFF, PNG & BMP. Furthermore the use of PDF doesn’t just stop at simple conversion of an image file to PDF. What’s more is the fact that PDFs offer a lot more security as compared to image files. The fact that they can be encrypted or password protected makes that much more sense to convert sensitive image files to PDF.

    Combine Multiple PDF Files:

    The widespread utilities of PDF are not only for other file formats. They can be extended to existing PDF files too. With PDF Editors & Converters, users can merge multiple PDF files into a single one to bring together relevant data & save themselves the headache of having to go through all of them one by one. With modern PDF software furthermore, it’s now easy to search for specific content inside that one large PDF file.

    Merge Multiple Image Files:

    Want to create one long slideshow?? Or are you in the mood to bring together sensitive images and encrypt them for protection? Well, PDF takes care of all image merging errands. Its ability to bring together multiple images into a single PDF file goes one step further than say a normal PowerPoint file. The PowerPoint to begin with is a Word format that can be edited at will & offers no guarantee of uniform viewing across devices. PDF takes care of both those issues, not to mention adding extra security as well.

    Extra Protection:

    When all the contemporary file formats are compared to PDF, it becomes quite evident why one should choose PDF. Its extra added protection, as mentioned above in terms of encryption, passwords & limited viewing rights adds protection layers which no other format offers. And with the online world expanding each day, its becoming pivotal that any data shared doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. PDF makes sure of that, along with many other perks obviously.

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