• 5 Features That a Perfect PDF Editor Should Have

    Posted 4 years ago
    03 Apr 2020

    Whether you’re a stay-at-home freelancer or work in a collaborative corporate environment, finding a way to standardize your file system can sometimes be crucial for success. PDF, a file format that offers a plethora of opportunities for both B2C and B2B professionals to create, edit and share files with their networks. According to Finances Online, apps dedicated to team collaboration have increased the market presence by 60% in 2019, with daily productivity being increased 20-30% due to their successful implementation.

    This makes finding a reliable, professional PDF editor a must, whether you work in graphic design, content marketing, finance or any other industry which relies on text-based and static visual media. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the features which are essential in any good PDF editor in order to pinpoint what makes the perfect one for your own needs.

    1. Versatile File Format Support

    Files created in or converted into PDF typically find new roles within a company after some time. For example, print companies may want to convert PDFs to different file formats in pre-print, while editors or writers may want to work on their files via Microsoft Office.

    A good PDF editor will allow you to do just that – convert PDF files to and from a variety of formats depending on your current needs. Combined with a content creation tool such as Trust My Paper or Evernote, your writing can be converted into a plethora of formats that will allow for extensive creative and editorial capabilities for your work. However, this can only be possible via a reliable PDF editor that supports such functionality.

    1. Customizable Editing Capability

    One of the main reasons for PDF’s popularity across the globe lies in its versatility. In addition, PDF files are highly customizable and the perfect editor will allow you to do just that – change the entirety of your document as you see fit. This is useful for content creators who choose to contribute to a blogger collaboration platform or work as freelancers and need to make quick, on-the-fly changes to their submitted PDF files.

    From image and text editing to adding, deleting and rearranging existing content within the document, the perfect PDF editor will allow you to do a wide range of things you thought couldn’t be done. A versatile editor will thus ensure that your coworkers can be more productive and have a better grasp of the goals you’re working on as a company; all thanks to better control over your PDF files.

    1. Annotations & Review Functionality

    Depending on the type of work you do, you may not want to fully change the PDF files coming from your clients but only review them. A good PDF editor will allow you to annotate, comment on and review PDF files without delving into any of them, making it possible for you to collaborate without infringing on any customer’s or company’s files in doing so.

    Such functionality is typically associated with PDF readers which don’t feature additional tools for editing and content creation – however, choosing the right PDF editor will enable you to do both depending on your needs at the time. Brian Richie, Chief Content Creator at Studicus commented on the matter recently: “Having the option to annotate and review PDF files without editing the source file is extremely useful for a number of industries which delve into online collaboration or content creation. This allows for creators to work together as well as share ideas and content without the worry of illicit editing or copyright infringement due to unknown PDF editing changes.”

    1. Security

    Every business has sensitive data and private documents whose confidentiality needs to be maintained. A good PDF editor must take care of this aspect, and provide sufficient security such that only authorized persons are able to access the data. An ideal editor will have multiple levels of security. It offers features such as password protection,  redaction, various types of permission settings, and perhaps ways to sign documents electronically. All these features add up to your peace and the safety of your important documents.

    1. Streamlined & Accessible Model

    Lastly, a perfect PDF editor, besides its highly functional UI and versatility with other file formats, should be affordable and easy to get a hold of no matter your price range. Comparing PDF editors and their business models will reveal that a large number of advertised editors also come in high price ranges which are often outside of most small business or freelancer budgets.

    Make sure to always audit a PDF editor’s list of features and capabilities before you dive in and commit to any one tool. Furthermore, ensuring that you get good value for your money, in addition to the functionality that your PDF editor will provide, is of utmost importance.

    The Advantages of Using a Comprehensive PDF Editor

    Now that we have a better idea of what makes the perfect PDF editor, let’s touch on the benefits of using such a piece of software in your day-to-day workflow. It’s no secret that PDF is a very flexible and approachable file format which can be utilized in a plethora of ways, from email marketing as attachments to blogging and various forms of online content publishing.

    Gemma Brook, Head of Content Department at Best Essay Education had this to say on the topic: “PDFs are a welcome addition no matter how complex or rudimentary your content editing needs may be. Having a reliable PDF software package around for B2C outreach or B2B sales may sometimes be all that stands between you and successful lead generation – make sure that you’re ready.” With that, some of the most concrete and practical benefits of using a comprehensive, professional PDF editor in your business include:

    • Improved internal collaboration
    • Quick-and-easy file editing and format conversion
    • Save on storage space and bandwidth due to lightweight PDFs
    • Ability to consult the tool’s support and development team when in need
    • Better overall performance and high ROI in light of initial software costs


    At the end of the day, the best PDF editor will be the one that suits your workflow and deliverables the most. Look for the above-discussed functions and support features in your PDF editor, and you will undoubtedly see improvements in your overall productivity and flexibility as a professional going forward. This is especially true for collaborative teams that inherently require an organized document system to operate at peak performance; hence choose your PDF editor wisely.

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