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    Posted 7 years ago
    20 Apr 2017
    PDF Reader

    In today’s tech based world, imagining a life without computers and other digital gizmos seems to be impossible. That’s because these machines have become an integrated part of our human life. One of the key softwares which millions of people user every day is the PDF reader. PDF format, ever since its inception has revolutionized the way we use text files. And while Adobe’s PDF reader was the first one to lead this change, there are certainly much better alternatives in the market now. This article discusses 5 of the best PDF readers out there that can give Adobe PDF reader a run for its money.


    The first on our list of 5 is Nitro PDF Reader. This is one PDF software that stands out when it comes to Adobe PDF’s alternatives. Its ribbon based interface has a striking resemblance to Microsoft Office and therefore provides a user-friendly experience. Its rich features make it one of the most sought after PDF reading tools out there. Some of its features are exclusive and aren’t found on any other PDF reader. For example, its Quick-Sign feature allows for digital image capturing of the user’s signature and applies it to PDF documents. Along with viewing PDF files, it also includes an annotation and highlighting option. Nitro PDF Reader also allows for users to add sticky notes to their documents.

    Nitro PDF Reader furthermore allows for conversion of text documents to PDF format and vice versa. One of its unique features also enables users to extract all the images from a PDFs in one go. Such rich tools grant it a high place in the world of PDF readers.


    Foxit Reader is perhaps the best-known alternative to Adobe Reader. Its ribbon-based interface is similar to Nitro’s, thus facilitating the user experience. It also has a tabbed browsing option which makes it easy to work with multiple PDF files at the same time. Its widespread use makes it an easy target for virus developers. Foxit Reader therefore consists of safe reading mode that provides control over internal links and JavaScript integration.

    Its only pit fall can be the fact that it doesn’t have built in features for file conversion. Instead, its add-ons must be downloaded to convert PDF files to other formats (and vice versa).


    Sumatra PDF out of all 5 on the list is definitely the most lightweight one. It consists of a simple interface and is also available as a portable app. Being lightweight does come with its downsides though. Sumatra PDF doesn’t have any editing options or features that its competitors possess. This rather just a window that loads extremely quickly and displays PDF files. It also comes armed with keyboard shortcuts thus making it easier to read PDFs. It does however have some cool features such as the ability to support eBooks and Mobi format and comic books.


    PDF X-Change Editor is yet another handy PDF reader that comes with its own set of tools.
    The program interface can be a bit tiresome to look at because there are loads of buttons and tool bars all over. We therefore recommend selecting the Custom option instead of Complete during installation to select only the components you want to install. PDF X-Change also allows you to enter a URL of a PDF file to open. This along with viewing the file also downloads it to the computer.

    The stand out feature however, which PDF X-Change viewer can boast of is its optical character recognition (OCR). It allows for scanning of printed documents, conversion of text into searchable format, and saving the resulting document as a PDF.


    Last but not the least, on this list of 5 is our very own Classic PDF Editor. This top of the line PDF reader along with its minimal price comes armed with many features. Some of the key ones include the ability to convert PDF files to Word formats and vice versa. It can also convert different type of image files into PDF along with the feature to merge different files into a single PDF file. Moreover, its option to edit PDF files comes in handy when one has to deal with the PDF format on a regular basis.

    All 5 of these PDF softwares boast their own unique features and provide an impeccable user experience. They all are certainly good enough to be the user’s first choice when it comes to premium PDF softwares.

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