• 5 of the Best PDF Editors for Linux Systems

    Posted 6 years ago
    06 Jun 2017
    PDF Editing

    The PDF format has been at the forefront of document viewing ever since its launch back in 1993. It has since then come a long way with many improvements and integrations. What was once only a viewing format for files can now support various kind of editing options. And while PDF readers are a norm on Windows & Apple platforms, they are also found in abundance for Linux systems. So lets go through 5 of the best PDF Editors for Linux Systems.

    Libre Office:

    The first on our list is this lightweight software which isn’t really a PDF editor. It does have its shortcomings but its possible to work around them and have a PDF editing software that is completely free. Users can utilize the Calibre ebook manager on Linux systems to convert PDF documents into text documents. Once that is done, the text file can be opened in LibreOffice and edited accordingly. This method, while good enough for basic editing of text and images is insufficient for higher editing options like digital signatures or interactive PDFs.


    Scribus is the option to go with if a more visual oriented PDF Editor is needed. It is completely free to use open-source software made for professional desktop publishing. It contains options like brochures, newsletters or even books. And while its not entirely a PDF-based editor, it’s still great for layout work and can easily export to PDF with ease. Another useful feature it contains is that it can import files created in other desktop publishing formats such as Microsoft Publisher as well as XPS.


    Evince is a lightweight document viewer which comes as the default on Gnome desktop environment. It has support for document formats such as PDF, Postscript, tiff, XPS and many more. Its features include search tools, document indexing & printing, encrypted document viewing and more.


    Mupdf is a free and fast PDF and XPS viewer. It is highly-extensible because of its modular nature. It also boasts unique features which include support for PDF 1.7 with transparency, encryption and hyperlinks searching and many more. Moreover, it can also handle pdf encoded with Chinese GBK well which gives it an edge over its competitors.


    Best PDF Editors

    The last PDF editor on our list of 5 is this universal document viewer. Okular which is a free software developed by KDE can run on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and many other Unix-like systems. It has support for various document formats such as PDF, XPS, Postscript and many others.

    It also has key features including embedded 3D modeling, adding text boxes and stamps, copying of images to clipboard, magnifier and much more. Such rich features accompanied by its versatility over a wide range of platforms makes Okular the best PDF Editor for Linux Systems.

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