• 5 of the best PDF Editing Softwares of 2017

    Posted 7 years ago
    02 May 2017
    PDF Editing

    The PDF format has been an industry standard for document viewing for many years now and has been rivaling the Office format all along. And while PDF softwares initially lacked the tools for document editing, this issue has long been solved with the latest PDF Editing softwares. This article discusses some of the best from that lot for the current year of 2017.

    Nuance Power PDF 2.0:

    The first PDF Editing Software on our list is Nuance Power PDF 2.0. This is an easy to use software especially if you’re familiar with Microsoft Office. It boasts comprehensive reviewing features, varying means of annotation and marking text in various ways. The program also allows for voice-controlled note taking along with side by side document comparisons. It has also featured support for touch screens now. Its compatibility furthermore is outstanding with document access available through various Cloud services. Not to mention its conversion abilities of PDFs to Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. And the fact that its much cheaper than Acrobat, its use makes a lot of sense for small businesses.

    Wondershare PDFelement:

    This is yet another PDF software which draws its inspiration from Microsoft Office. Its clean interface is easy to use and the tools perform what you’d expect. Not only can you create a PDF from scratch with Wondershare PDFelement , but can also import a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document. It allows for modification of text just the way Word format allows, something other PDF softwares lack. But it also has its short comings. Its pit fall seems to be Excel sheet compatibility as it does not provide an option to select any desired portion of the sheet.

    Adobe Acrobat DC:

    The list of best PDF Editors cannot possibly be complete without mentioning Adobe’s Acrobat DC. This software is pretty much the industry standard for editing PDF files. It’s also one of the few programs available for both Windows and MacOS. along with one of several on the market boasting dedicated mobile functionality and the ability to convert PDF files into multiple HTML pages in addition to the standard Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document.
    Its features of converting and saving scanned documents to PDF and the ability to merge multiple documents, spreadsheets and web pages into a single PDF file is unrivaled. Adobe offers cloud-based as well through acrobat.com along with password protection.

    Tracker PDF XChange Pro:

    Tracker PDF XChange Pro is worth the try if one’s looking for an inexpensive PDF tool. Its website also provides a trial version, just in case someone is not sure. Its downside are its features which come in separate utilities instead of the main package. But this is only a minor inconvenience, given the price of $ 93.50.

    Classic PDF Editor:

    And last but not the least is our very own Classic PDF Editor. This top of the line PDF Editing software boasts of features that can give all 4 of the above a run for their money. Its ability to convert PDFs to Office format along with the utility of converting image files into PDF is unparalleled. It furthermore allows for merging of different files into a single PDF file, something that is rare in the PDF industry. And when one looks at its price of 24.95 $, it certainly seems like a bargain.

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