• 5 of the Best eBook Readers in 2017

    Posted 6 years ago
    13 Jun 2017
    eBook Readers

    The art of reading, Ahhh! what can one say about it. It has to be one of the most rewarding and relaxing experience known to man. There was a time of course when the only way one could read a book was to go out there and buy it. That was the time when the fresh essence of a new book could be enjoyed accompanied by a hot coffee on a cold December evening. That setting however has changed over the years. In our modern times, book reading is not quite the same. With the dawn of the digital age, books too have become digitized. This obviously brought up the need for suitable devices that could read such eBooks. And while the market offers many options in this regard, we’ll go through 5 of the best eBook readers here.


    The first on our list this slick piece of tech. The Kindle Oasis is possibly the best e-reader you can buy right now despite its steep price of $289. It has dedicated buttons for turning pages and a backlight for those of us who like to read in the dark. Its slimmest point is a mere .13 inches. Moreover, it’s perfectly designed for one-hand reading with the 6 inch display that offers laser-quality text.

    Reading on the Kindle Oasis feels like reading a physical book rather than a smartphone display. That’s because it has an extra sharp quality. It has a 4gb memory which is capable of storing thousands of eBooks. It also weighs just 4.6 ounces making it super light.


    Amazon’s Paperwhite is its most popular Kindle model. It is a 6 inch e-ink tablet that comes with a built in backlight and a battery that can last for weeks on end. Its price is also an affordable one if compared to Kindle Oasis (coming in at 119$).  The paperwhite allows for tracking of your book collection on multiple devices. The e-ink display meanwhile is great in bright sunlight, and just bright enough at night time. Yet the most noted accolade that can be thrown its way is the fact that all other eBook readers are judged by their comparison to the Paperwhite, even other Kindle models.

    With all its perks, it certainly has its downsides. Its plain design can’t really compete with better designs; the Kindle Voyage for instance. Also, at nearly half a pound, it’s heavier than most of its contemporaries.


    With its price coming in at $199, the Kindle Voyage is certainly not a cheap buy. But it offers plenty of features for its hefty price. It beats most of its competitors with a slick screen, impressive design and extended battery life. Not to mention the difference when reading on a standard tablet screen versus reading on a Kindle Voyage. The technology on Kindle Voyage’s 6 inch display utilizes e-Ink carta to achieve the page-like quality that doesn’t hurt your eyes.

    It weighs in at 6.3 ounces which makes it lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite. Its adaptive brightness also adjusts to changing light which is a feature not found on cheaper Kindles. It moreover boasts a feature called Page Press which allows readers to turn the page without even lifting a finger.

    Through the Kindle Voyage, readers can tap into Amazon’s Kindle store and choose from millions of books. Also unlike other inexpensive Kindles, there’s no forced advertising.


    The first non Kindle eBook reader on our list, Kobo Glo HD has a 6 inch screen capable of 300ppi output. It offers the standard 4GB of storage space, weighs 12.6 ounces and has a battery life lasting around two months. It also has an ad free interface unlike Amazon where ads can pop up from time to time. The Kobo Glo HD supports 14 file formats including PDFs, Amazon’s Mobi format and the more open Epub format that isn’t supported on Kindles. This eBook reader also has a web browser, and users can use the Pocket app to read Internet articles on it.

    And while Kobo’s online marketplace might not be as good as Amazon’s Kindle Store, it contains almost the same number of e-books now at similar prices.


    The last one on our list is Nook Glowlight Plus. This is an eBook reader that can certainly hold its own against Kindles with its rich features. Although it is slightly smaller and lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite it still packs in a screen of identical size and resolution. It has 4GB of internal storage and offers six weeks of battery life. Also the fact that its water proof gives it an extra edge. You can submerge the Glowlight Plus underwater for up to 30 minutes without an issue. One of the advantages the Glowlight Plus subsequently offers is that it runs a version of Android. Third party apps can therefore be installed or other Android Apps like Dropbox.

    The Glowlight can read Epub and PDF files but it doesn’t support Amazon’s Mobi format. And while Barnes & Noble’s online store is better than Kobo’s, it doesn’t quite match up to the Amazon store in terms of usability. It also lacks in terms of touch screen and software response and cannot compete on those fronts with Kindle’s products.

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