• 4 Out of the Box Uses of PDFs

    Posted 6 years ago
    24 Aug 2017
    uses of PDFs

    It’s been almost 25 years now since the PDF format came out. Its launch back in June 1993, proved to be a tectonic shift in how the digital world used documents. And ever since then, the format has made home in many hearts through many of its utilities. However, when a software is this good, there are always some hidden goods hiding away from the naked eye. It seems that other than the obvious uses of the PDF format, there are many unorthodox methods in which it can be called upon. The PDF it seems has many more uses than we can imagine. So let’s take a look at 5 unique uses of PDFs in our daily lives.

    Publishing an eBook:

    Before the advent of online technology, authors had to make sure their work was printed & published in hard form. But those days are gone now, thanks to the internet & eBooks. These days, self publishing is a great way to share one’s creative work with an unlimited online audience. Independent publishing in this regard had seen a huge boom. And what’s the format accepted by digital publishing houses may you ask?? Well none other than PDF.

    Medical Records:

    We in one of our previous posts have already discussed how doctors can benefit from the different uses of PDFs. PDFs in this regard can be used to create the medical history of patients. It can also be used by families to pour together all the necessary medical information of the entire family in one place. From allergies to medical conditions, it can all be saved on a PDF & carried around anywhere. So no more carrying around paper prescriptions and hospital documents.

    Electronic Press Kit:

    Although the term is synonymous with the music industry, the Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) can be used in a range of other fields as well. EPKs are basically downloadable, informational files created to represent a band, musician or in some cases, businesses & startups. It’s can be a collection of branded materials like logos, press mentions, music tracks etc. In case of a business, it can include a different range of information depending on the business’ nature. Having such information available on your website makes it easier for clients to contact, hire & utilize your expertise. And it’s needless to say that these EPKs are developed in the standard PDF format.

    Environment Friendly:

    Every year, offices & institutions around the world use tons of paper for their hard copy documents. All this production of paper takes a heavy toll on the environment as tree after tree is cut down for this purpose. The PDF format offers a suitable alternative to this hard form documentation. Instead of printing digital files for preservation & record keeping, they can instead be converted to PDF format which ensures longevity & security. Organizations around the world therefore can play their role in saving the planet, one PDF file at a time.

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