• 3 Simple Ways a PDF Converter Can Make Life Easier for Teachers

    Posted 7 years ago
    26 Jan 2017
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    The teaching and learning process can always take plenty of benefit from the ever-evolving technological landscape. Seamless information sharing is a very important part of the learning process. PDF files are one great tool that can smoothen the information flow between teachers and students without putting any big effort. While creating notes for students, a teacher has to deal with a lot of electronic documents and PDF files are the best among digital documents for a variety of reasons. A teacher might have to do plenty of stuff with PDF files such as organizing them, editing, splitting, merging, converting and sharing them. Let’s have a look at how a simple PDF converter can make life incredibly easier for teachers along with some methods that can make it happen.

    1 – Make the whole-class checking of homework an active challenge


    Using PDF files, create a multiple choice answer key for a few exercises where three possible answers to each question are provided, only one of which is correct. Students can then compare their own answers with the alternatives given. They then can choose the answer that they consider correct. This activity gives students a chance to rethink their own answers before the teacher finally provides the key. It also gives less confident students and those who may not have completed the task an opportunity to take part in the correction process. You can always convert PDF to word files to edit the multiple choice answer key.

    2 – Save all the homework from students to a single file


    More often than not, searching a certain homework or exercise completed by students becomes a bit of a Herculean task for students. So, it is always more judicious to save all the homework from students to a single file to make it convenient to search in future. You can always convert word to PDF in addition to carrying out more than 500 types of PDF conversions. The supported output formats include Microsoft office word, excel, PowerPoint and image formats like BMP, JPG,GIF, Tiff and PNG. In this case, the teacher can create and convert the homework to PDF files, combine them, and save them all in a single file.

    3 – Share interesting reference material with students using digital documents


    In case, you as a teacher get your hands on some relevant and interesting reference material for students, you can always share it with your students by converting it into a PDF file. If the material is in the form of an image, you can employ a PDF converter to convert image to PDF to email it to your students. A PDF document is always more secure and can be distributed among a number of users via myriad platforms.

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