• 10 Top Free Best Image to Text Converters For 2019

    Posted 4 years ago
    26 Sep 2019

    Technology forecasters and enthusiasts have long predicted that a paperless society is up ahead. It’s evident that technology has shaped our world to offer unlimited benefits to the public in order to limit costs and boost production rates. This means most of the work and tasks are completed digitally without needing physical documentation unless required. So, how are written document and hardcopy based documentations going to catch up with these advancements? The solution to this gap between the digital world and physical documentation is Optical Character Recognition technology. 

    Let us face it, the amount of time wasted on rewriting a document digitally is unbelievably high which is where OCR software and tools come into play. They are the ultimate solution for digitizing written text onto a device. 

    What is OCR?

    Optical character recognition or optical character reader is a technology that helps to convert handwritten, printed or typed text in a graphic into electronic text. OCR software is designed to examine a document and then match it with the fonts located in its database in order to produce an accurate text copy. While 100% accuracy is not guaranteed, a very close approximation can be expected from the software. 

    Moreover, OCR software can be advantageous to office employees, students, research workers, and others as it saves time and cuts down the workload. They all have their strengths and each is capable of getting the job done. So, continue reading to learn about the best free image to text converter software in 2019. 

    1. Microsoft OneNote

    This OCR wizard offers advanced functions which work effectively on both handwritten notes, printed texts and images. You can begin the process by dragging a picture into OneNote or use it to snip a portion of the screen/image into OneNote. Then, right-click on the image to select ‘Copy Text from Picture’ and the optically recognized text gets pasted into the clipboard. This can be further pasted into a text editor program like Microsoft Word or Notepad. 

    2. Microsoft Office (MODI)

    Microsoft Office includes a document imaging feature that comes equipped with OCR that identifies any printed text and converts it to an image. However, you are required to convert JPEG files into TIFF format before proceeding to convert any text to images. Once your files are in the right format, open the image in TIFF format and select the ‘Recognize Text using OCR’ option, then click ‘Send to Word.’ Your final document will be an editable Microsoft Word file. 

    3. Boxoft Free OCR

    This multilingual OCR tool allows you to easily scan and extract text from any sort of image. It is both quick and highly accurate so you are guaranteed good results. While it does not support handwritten text conversions, it does have the feature to identify a multi-column layout. 

    If you have got a PDF document that needs to go through certain format conversions in order to be optically recognized, use the TalkHelper PDF converter since it supports a variety of formats and is easy to use. Whether it is to convert pdf to png free of charge or other formats like TIFF, JPEG or more; it has got it all. Once you have achieved the right format, the OCR software can analyze the file to produce an accurate prediction of the text. 

    4. NewOCR.com

    This OCR program is a fast and simple solution to all OCR-related challenges. Even if it is an improperly scanned or photographed image, New OCR will still recognize it and provide with the closest results possible. You can upload an infinite amount of files of various formats and it will convert it into editable and searchable text. In addition, this program can analyze the page orientation of the image uploaded and recognize the multi-column text which can contain different languages, fonts, and mathematical functions. Once the conversion of the file is completed you can copy it to the clipboard, translate text using Google translate or upload it to Google Docs. 

    5. PhotoScan

    This is another popular free OCR application designed for Windows 10 which can be downloaded the Microsoft Store on your device. This app functions as both an OCR scanner and a QR code reader. All you need to do is point the app to the image using your device’s webcam and the scanned text is displayed onto your screen in a separate window. While the software is not best for handwritten data recognition, it provides sufficient detection for printed text. The end result can be saved in multiple formats like text, HTML, RTF, XML and more. 

    6. Capture2Text

    Capture2Text is Windows 10 supporting, free OCR software that can capture anything with just some simple keyboard shortcuts. It is super quick and requires no installation; just use the shortcut WinKey + Q to initiate the OCR process and navigate your mouse to select the section you wish to capture. Then hit the Enter key and your selection will be optically recognized and displayed on a popup window as well as copied to the clipboard. 

    Capture2Text supports over 100 languages and utilizes Google’s OCR engine to operate efficiently. It makes use of Google Translate to convert the selected text into the desired language of the user. Users can modify the settings according to their requirements and make use of the different features offered by the quick and easy-to-use software. 

    7. FreeOCR to Word

    FreeOCR to Word is a majorly popular image to text conversion application due to its 99.8% of OCR accuracy levels. It supports all file formats, including Photoshop files. Additionally, it maintains your file’s original formatting and transfers the optically recognized text into an editable Microsoft Word document. It’s a simple and efficient program that allows quick conversion of images to text and can be used by any individual. 

    8. (a9t9) Free OCR Software

    The best thing about this software is that it is a Universal Windows Platform application, which means that it can be used with any Windows device at hand. Like most OCR programs this is also ideal for printed text over handwritten notes. It supports 21 languages to convert your images and PDF files to text and is absolutely free of charge, so comes in handy for quick OCR. 

    9. SimpleOCR

    While this software does have an outdated appearance, do not let that restrict you from trying it out. It works quite well with machine print recognition but only offers a 14-day trial run for handwritten recognition. 

    It can be set up to initiate the OCR process by adding an image or reading the document from a scanner. It includes features such as text selection; image selection and text ignore which allow you to handle the text easily. 

    10. OnlineOCR.net

    For those users that have never had an acquaintance with OCR or are only getting started can make great use of this tool. It is super convenient and is not platform-specific which makes it accessible by new users. It supports more than 40 languages and works well with graphics-heavy documents and can upload files the size of 15 MB. Also, it offers three types of file formats: Microsoft Word, Plain Text and Microsoft Excel. The Excel format is beneficial when handling price sheets with images or any source material consisting of numbers and functions. Another plus point of OnlineOCR is that it supports files that contain tables and columns, often present in price sheets and other records. 

    Benefits of OCR

    · Reduced Cost:

    OCR assists in reducing the cost of printing, photocopying, and storage of important documentation. By saving the text on a word file or any other format, you can easily label and store the data on your device instead of filing cabinets.

    · Faster Searches:

    OCR programs help in retrieving data swiftly and efficiently thus employees do not have to waste time in retyping everything onto a document themselves and can focus on other work. 

    · Readily Available:

    Sometimes a certain document is required by many individuals in a short time period and types the text into a Word file can be time taking and halt productivity. This is where OCR rectifies your struggle and gives you a quick and easy solution. 

    And there you have it. This list outlines the top 10 free images to text converters in 2019 that you should keep an eye for. Time is key and certain jobs need to be carried out swiftly but without any errors. OCR software can optically recognize the text from an image or file and convert it to text. This data can then be saved in a format of your choice to be made available in different places. You can email the file, transfer it to a USB or upload it onto Google Drive for others to access. These programs will assist you in minimizing the paperwork and adopting a more digitalized ledger of important documentation. Keep in mind to always spell-check your final document, especially when dealing with a tool that doesn’t offer promising accuracy levels. 

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