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1. Why has the PDF format become an International Standard for the e-documents?

Since its inception in 1993 by Adobe, the Portable Document Format (PDF) has become the de facto standard for professional electronic documentation. With millions of users, the PDF format has become a core part of the computing world. The primary reason behind its universal acceptance is its high quality text rendering features and industry-standard layout which is highly portable, reliable and secure for electronic document exchange. Now with the Classic PDF editor, you can get more out of the PDF format than you ever imagined.

2. What features are included in the Classic PDF editor?

The Classic PDF editor provides you a versatile platform to:

3. Why should I buy Classic PDF editor instead of buying Adobe Acrobat?!

Classic PDF is a feature rich PDF suite that provides you all the tools you need for your PDF files at an unbeatable price. You can have as much control over your PDF documents as you want at only 1/6th of Adobe Acrobat's price! Compare Classic PDF Editor with Adobe Acrobat.

4. My Classic PDF editor installation has failed. What should I do?

For installation and operational queries, please contact our Technical Support Center. Our highly trained customer service representatives will cater to all your concerns and immediately provide technical support to troubleshoot any issues with your copy of the Classic PDF editor. Also you can refer to the user manual, the FAQs and the knowledge base tutorials at the website which offer a wealth of information and instructions about using Classic PDF editor for full productivity.

You can also e-mails us at: support@classicpdf.com  

5. Is downloading or installing the Classic PDF editor time consuming and complicated?

Not at all… A normal internet connection takes around 3 minutes to download the setup and another 2-3 minutes for installation. The entire installation process is highly automated and requires minimal user intervention. The installation process does not require a reboot to complete and you can immediately start using the software. Please refer to the User Manual for detailed installation instructions.

6. How do I get a single PC license to enjoy unlimited benefits of Classic PDF editor?

You can now license your evaluation copy of Classic PDF in minutes! Simply visit the Classic PDF web portal and click on "Buy Now". Activate your single PC license immediately and enjoy unlimited freedom of editing PDF files.

7. Can I get any discount if I purchase Classic PDF software for more than one PC?

The Classic PDF editor is already being offered at the lowest price for software of such vast functionality and performance. Even if you purchase multiple copies of the software, the total price will actually be lower than many so-called bulk "discounts" being offered by other vendors.

8. How do you protect my personal and financial information during the payment process?

All payments are processed through the 'RegNow' platform, which is a worldwide leader in secure payment processing. SSL certificates secure the payment website with both industry-standard 128-bit encryption and ultra-secure 256-bit encryption to provide 100% protection for your personal and financial information. Read more in Privacy Policy.

9. How long is the validity of the Classic PDF editor license?

Once you have purchased the Classic PDF editor, you are entitled to unlimited lifetime usage of the software. There is no recurring billing or hidden costs.

10. If my PC crashes or I install a new Operating System, can I reinstall Classic PDF editor?

Yes of course… All you need to do is to re-download the setup from the website and reinstall the software. If you have forgotten your Member's Area login credentials, simply send an email to support@classicpdf.com. Our support staff will immediately get in touch with you with further instructions to recover your login information.

11. How many file formats can be converted to PDF through the Classic PDF editor?

The Classic PDF editor allows you to convert 500+ printable file formats to PDF. It also allows one click conversion from Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF and PDF to Word or Image.

12. What are the PC requirements for the Classic PDF editor?

The recommended minimum PC requirements for Classic PDF editor are 1.6 GHz processor, 128 MB RAM and 40 MB HD Space

13. Can I install the Classic PDF editor on my 64 bit laptop?

Yes, Classic PDF editor supports both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

14. Which Windows versions are currently supported?

Classic PDF editor currently supports all versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7.

15. I have lost my license key. What should I do?

Please send an email to support@classicpdf.com immediately and our staff will help you recover your license key.

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Customer reviews
Our company needs to publish newsletters, manuals, technical papers and knowledgebase tutorials in bulk on DVDs and on the internet. A few years back, we used to maintain these documents in html,
Ross Albert
Newyork, USA
It really does what it claims to do… without fuss or muss! This is an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat and seems to integrate well with that program when sharing comments and editing, etc.

Elliot Sutton
San Francisco, USA
System Requirements
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
1.6 GHz Processor
128 MB RAM
40 MB HD Space
windows 8 pdf editor windows 7 pdf editor windows vista pdf software windows xp pdf editor