How Do I Edit Files?

Complete Step By Step Tutorial

There are scores of PDF file editor applications available in the market that all claim to “easily” edit PDF files and convert them to your desired file format. However, that’s not the case and most of the times eager users are left with glitches and errors that seem to make no sense or have no correction method. In article, we will learn to edit PDF files without any hassles and with a method so easy that simply any one can use it.

In this “How Can I edit PDF Files” tutorial, we will be using easily understandable and easy-to-use ClassicPDF Editor Application. ClassicPDF is the so far the easiest and the most economical PDF editor client that not only performs the PDF editing function without flaw, but also performs other tasks such as creating PDF document from scratch, convert PDF files to Doc, XLS, PPT and other known document formats.

Follow the steps given below to edit a PDF file using ClassicPDF:

Step 1:

The first step is to download ClassicPDF desktop application from here and save the exe file on your desktop


Step 2:

Now double click on ClassicPDF icon on your desktop and let the setup process complete. This will install ClassicPDF on your computer.

Step 3:

After ClassicPDF setup is complete, double click on ClassicPDF shortcut icon on your desktop.


Step 4:

Click on “Open” and select the PDF file you desire to edit in the resulting dialog box. Please take reference from the screenshot below.


Step 5:

Now you will see that your selected PDF file is open in ClassicPDF editor.


Step 6:

After this, scroll down to the text you desire to edit, click on edit on options tab and select “Edit” option.

Step 7:

Now in the PDF File Work Area, double click the line of text you wish to edit or replace with your own text.


Step 8:

The edit are will be highlighted with a red line. Now start deleting, typing or pasting your desired text.


Step 9:

The edit are will be highlighted with a red line. Now start deleting, typing or pasting your desired text.


How do I edit PDF Files: Step by Step Guide


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